Sunday, April 3, 2011

Russia Tests Largest Nuclear Device Ever in 1961. After Saying They Wouldn't

I was going to post this anyway, but it is interesting that the beautiful and talented Opus # 6 posts this today.

The Tsar Bomb.

Russia lied like Democrats about it.

And Read All About it at Wikipedia

Some interesting excerpts from the Wikipedia article:

Developed by the Soviet Union, the bomb was originally designed to have a yield of about 100 megatons of TNT (420 PJ); however, the bomb yield was reduced to 50 megatons in order to reduce nuclear fallout. This attempt was successful, as it was one of the cleanest (relative to its yield) nuclear bombs ever detonated. Only one bomb of this type was ever built and it was tested on October 30, 1961, in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

Taking off from an airfield in the Kola Peninsula, the release plane was accompanied by a Tu-16 observer plane that took air samples and filmed the test.

Both aircraft were painted with a special reflective white paint to limit heat damage. The bomb, weighing 27 tonnes, was so large (8 metres (26 ft) long by 2 metres (6.6 ft) in diameter) that the Tu-95V had to have its bomb bay doors and fuselage fuel tanks removed. The bomb was attached to an 800 kilogram fall-retardation parachute, which gave the release and observer planes time to fly about 45 kilometres (28 mi) from ground zero.

(28 Miles away and the aircraft still needed special heat resistant paint..)

The fireball reached nearly as high as the altitude of the release plane and was seen almost 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) from ground zero. The subsequent mushroom cloud was about 64 kilometres (40 mi) high (nearly seven times the height of Mount Everest), which meant that the cloud was well inside the Mesosphere when it peaked.

Lot's of interesting info at Wikipedia on it.

So, everyone and their brother, and even France calls obama naive for believing Russia will live up to it's side of the bargain. I certainly don't believe they will.

In this respect, like jimmy carter, obama is the boy president. One who doesn't even like America. C'mon folks, obama has No Experience at Anything, and 51% of you thought he could lead the world let alone the most complex country in the world? My God.


  1. and Iran is heatin up too..good Lord Kid..what a mess wer'e in! hope ya had a nice weekend~!..almost

  2. I never thought the guy could manage a lemonade stand, much less the U.S. Of course, I live in Illinois and knew of this lib well before the public ever heard of him.

    Because this guy has always been an uber liberal and his liberal record has always been there for everyone to see, I have to conclude that 53% of my fellow American voters are stupid idiots to put this manchild into the highest office in the land.

  3. I'm just glad the sheeple have quit saying: "just give him a chance"

  4. Woman, don't worry about Iran. They're punks.

    It was a good weekend as I hope yours was. :)

  5. Fredd. Un Be Lievable isn't it? :)

  6. Trestin, yes, those independents who drank some of the snake oil, and still have a few brain cells to rub together, I think - have seen the light with this empty suit.

    Will they vote the other way and will we get someone worth voting for?