Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Survey Says !

There are many of these things that cross my field of vision every day, so I don't consume myself with this nonsense as quality of life is one of my priorities, but of course Mon Ami.

But I just read this as I stumble into yet another 'news' page on the interwebs.... "President Barack Obama's spokesman defended the president's criticism of a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union address after Chief Justice John Roberts questioned the appropriateness of the remarks."

Let's see..... shall we put more weight on the CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT'S ASSESSMENT or put more weight on the statement of Obama's "spokesman" (Aka - Some dude, presumably Gibbs, who is Publicly, nothing more than a tool for the obama)


  1. Gibby should be awarded the tool of the year award.

  2. anon, would that be like attempting to make a serious statement/argument about people's most critical service, health care, by reducing the debate to a comparison to game shows ? I'd say you fell into your own trap.

    In any case, please name ONE or more government agencies that is cost effective And reeks of Quality Customer Service.

    Next !

  3. Admiral, I'd say he is a gold medal contestant !

    It sure is hard to pick within the democrat political landscape though isn't it ?