Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey Obama and Democrats

What the F(&*^ don't you understand about the fact that the large Majority of Americans are not interested in your Health Care Plans. ?

It's 60 % Opposed. Subtract illegal aliens, and that counts for probably 100% of the population that can manage to stay awake at a friggin traffic light.

And Yes, we are ALL a lot smarter than you . What's even better than that? I think You Know it !


  1. Not to worry, Kid. We win either way:

    If it passes, it's only because of the bribes, kickbacks and corruption involved in the arm twisting of the Dems involved. It will get tossed as unconstitutional on so many levels. It will never become law of the land, and people will toss this bunch out in November like the sacks of smelly garbage that they are.

    If it fails to pass, nobody will forget what these liberals tried to do to us by ramming this thing through like a bunch of banana republic thugs, and there will be hell to pay in November.

    Either way, Kid, it's all good.

  2. Kid, America's death watch continues. I refuse to go easy into the darkness.

  3. Fredd, I'll remain cautiously optimistic, but every day these bastards do things I didn't think was possible in America

  4. Nickie, If and when,it will be interesting to see what happens when people stop getting health care and are paying twice as much for it.

  5. The lazy people will win if this passes. All this marxist administration and congress wants is complete control of the population. This is another big step if it passes.