Saturday, March 20, 2010

Foreign Policy Rant

Big changes are happening in America's foreign relations. Not good ones. The things that are happening now will have to be dealt with by us and whoever the next administrations are that have working brains. This will cost us. Just like Jimmy Carter lit the fire under the Islamics, obama is lighting the fire under the rest of them.

The Russians, and most other countries have real problems to deal with. The USA is still living off the fat of the land. They look at us like big fat lazy dumbo the clown. If it wasn't for our nukes and the greatest military in the world, which of course is because of the individual commitment of its members, they'd be taking our lunch money and forcing us into unnatural sexual positions on a daily basis.

Even with all the pounding America takes from government and all its tentacles like the EPA, the Dept of Non-Education, Dept of Non-Energy and all these other bloated and dysfunctional entities that have actually made reverse progress these last 4 or 5 decades, America is still the greatest country in the world. That should speak to the greatness of capitalism. Ditto the Health Care industry. Government turned its rabid lawyers loose on it and has been pounding on its knees with the baseball bat of stupid choking regulations. Realize that Medicare is the biggest victim of fraud, and that will tell you how effective government regulation is.
Realize that the health care industry is still in business and that will tell you how great it is. Just remove the government from it.

Anyway.., then we send the incompetent pathological liar Hilrod Clinton, whose only qualification for Secy of State is that she is married to the blow job king, to Russia - with a button that has one word on it - mis-spelled. The entire world at her fingertips and she can't get a translation right. It's an insult of course. She's an insult everywhere she goes. She can't even manage to not display her bitch rudeness to a child asking her a question in a foreign country as she sits around like a drunken slug in the ever popular and elegant pantsuit.
Russia tossed the button in the trash, just like Brown tossed his misformatted DVD gift in the trash, just like the Queen tossed her iPod of boy genius speeches in the trash, just like everywhere the obamas and clinton go, they leave stuff in other people trash and a bad taste in their mouth. Unless you're an Islamic country, especially one that openly attacks America, then you get the good stuff. Sounds like an exaggeration doesn't it? It's Not ! ;-) PS, put Wikipedia up for Condi Rice on one side and Hilree on the other side and clinton's lack of qualifications would choke a hippopotamus .

Here's what Russia thinks of us.

Here's what France thinks of us.

Sarkozy even calls him Naive. Calling the leader of the free world(yea, sorry) Naive is not trivial.

How about Michelle Obama putting her arm around the Queen of England. Royal protocol demands that no one touch the Queen. Even her royal consort, Prince Philip, must walk several paces behind her when the two are in public. Regardless of what you think of the protocol, it doesn't matter. You respect other countries protocols, and The obama's show themselves as uneducated backwoods buffoons everywhere they go. I'd compare them to the Jefferson's but George and Weezie were a lot smarter than these two.

On the one hand all of these countries are probably disgusted with these ignorant arrogant buffoons they have to talk to, and on the other they gotta be looking at us like a lion looks at a wounded zebra. And laughing like hyenas the whole time.

Obama the unicorn man gets a majority landslide vote. His whole administration is a bunch of F* clowns at best and incompetent greedy, sociopaths at the lower end.

We're over here trying to not offend vermin who promise to slice our heads off while we snub and insult anyone who could be remotely put in the Allies category. We keep ourselves from using our own oil, put the screws to new power plants because they haven't figured out how to generate power from unicorn shit yet, and government steals all this money the country doesn't even have, and throws what they don't steal away on the worthless lazy bastards of the universe.

It's gotta be mind boggling.. They've got to be sitting around just waiting to hear the 18 billion decibel sound of concrete and twisting steel as it crashes to the ground.

They know we have the best health care in the world, and the cheapest if you add up all the taxes and crap that goes to support the socialist HC countries systems that provide far less than America does, and we're working on destroying THAT with 40% of the country cheering it on.

Guess that just leaves Israel. To tell ya the truth, I really don't care if the Jews have to move out of Israel. It would bother me that the barbarian 3rd century vermin won out but that's about it. Otherwise, its gonna be the 'Mideast peace process du jour' from now until the end of freakin time. A lot more people would die in the process.

So the Israelis better kick some vermin ass or get the hell out because there are nukes being built right now with their name on them. I don't believe for a second that 1.) Iran would care less about killing the Palestinians simultaneously, or 2.) that it would bother them that they'd have to wait 40 years for the place to cool off for them to move in.

And the boy genius has said he's not going to sell them any more weapons. Though I think Israel could get by on their own until 2013..


  1. Hi Kid! Great rant. I have noticed the policy going downhill a WHOLE lot too. We are in big trouble with the rubes running things now. It's embarrassing, dangerous and just plain awful.

    You're funny.....obummer & meshell compared to George & Wheezie...the latter have way more class and
    would be a pleasure compared to the twits in the WH now. Well, what can we do, but rant and pray it
    works out in the end.

  2. Bunni, Thank you and I agree of course :)

  3. I often think about the crystal in the star trek movie when the Vulcan
    (Lenard) has to put his hand on the crystal. Spock showed us the way to produce power- ultimate- Crystal Power.
    But you mentioned Unicorn Shit!
    Maybe that would do it. Hahaha-Unicorn Shit- that is a good one.
    Thanks for the Laff.

  4. They Say, yes, the libs would never do anything as sensible as Dylithium Crystal.

    Glad you got a chuckle. heheh

  5. We are just now suffering the full consequences of Jimmy Carters foreign blunders. In college I had to read his stupid book about the Middle East. He thought, and still does think, Israel bombing Iraq's Nuclear faculties was a huge setback to peace.

    I can not imagine what horrors await us 30 years after the emperor is done.

  6. Trestin, I expect it will be much worse as we will be a much weaker country. But, yea..