Friday, March 12, 2010

Stuff That Sounds Good on Paper to Liberals

First in a series (or not)

The recent ban by government on Earmarks for Private Industry. Sounds good on the surface. Reduces the amount of tax money government will toss in the hands of the evil bastard rich.


They still give earmarks to "non-profit" organizations. You know like ACORN, and all manner of denubian slime devil evilness of "non-profit" organizations. Plus since private industry will no longer be the benefit of earmarks, that money will have to be made up elsewhere. Elsewhere consists of two possible things - 1.) Your pocket, 2.) Cost reductions (lay-offs, cheaper quality, etc).
In the end the middle class and private enterprise (capitalism) gets screwed. I'm telling you, the Dems are at war with private industry as much as Vladimir Putin would be if that bastard was sitting in the oval office.

So, while you're applauding the evil rich getting the screws put to them, think about the reality that in the end, it is you getting screwed, and worthless pieces of garbage - politicians and slimeballs like ACORN workers getting the Gold.


  1. I have never seen a job created by a poor man.

    Class warfare makes poor men of us all.

  2. New Template, good one.
    I will say this as long as I can breathe, and you don't kick me off of here.
    These Dems are only in it for the moment-to do a job. When done, they don't care if re-elected; their job is done!
    They were recruited just for this movement. From the House of the Full Moon Gathering.
    There is a way to set thing straight, and I have said it on several comment pages on several blogs, since it was before all this came to light everyone just thought I was a activist. It did the job in 2,000. But there has to be a few who are willing to Post it on every blog.
    I'll not say it now-needs to be done after these sniveling subterfuge play their hand all the way out. Then all hell will break loose. They will not know what hit them-even though they saw it before, just doesn't sink in, the Belt Way mentality is all arrogance.

  3. Opus, yes, and I've seen it in action, but you think this concept would be easy to understand no? Mon Ami?

  4. They Say, I don't kick anyone off of anything :)

    Well, who's to say you don't have your finger right on it. Not me.
    There's a post in this if I can poet my thoughts on the matter.
    The ignorance and arrogance are as obvious as the sky is either blue(for the lucky ones) or grey(for us poor bastards in Ohio).

  5. They Say, PS - Thanks, Yes, I like the new template. Simply not enough room in the last one for posting.

  6. Well said, Kid, and I do hope this series continues! :)

    (I also love the new template)

  7. Hi Kid! Great post, we're getting screwed all right!
    It is a real war on capitalism. Those "non-profits" profit the crooks that run them.

    I love your new blog design, and I hope you have
    a fun early spring week!

  8. Hi Bunni ! It's not looking good for any early spring. Winter is going to have to be wrestled out of Mother Natures cold dead hands first around here.

    Thanks, Anyway, You too !