Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sean Penn

Quoted today as saying that "If he had his way, anyone who called Hugo Chavez a dictator would be tossed in jail".

Do you have the slightest idea how stupid you are ? I'm sure you don't ! Let's review a couple of your greatest moments...

  • You said Saddam Hussein was a darn good guy.
  • You took a 4 man boat to New Orleans to save people after Katrina, but you also took a 4 man camera crew who would ride in the boat, and you left the drain plug out so it sank anyway in the first 3 seconds.

God knows what else you've done and said - I don't keep track of you, but it's obvious that you have at least two of the traits that place you at the pinnacle of liberalism.
1.) You're stupid beyond words, and 2.) - it is impossible for you to feel any humiliation from the things you do and say. If not, you'd have shut up a long long time ago, but no, you keep pumping it out.

You are so stupid, you can't be an original one off. You have to be the product of a breeding line of stupidity. Sort of evolution in reverse.

Keep it coming - it's a riot. Maybe you should get a 'news' anchor position somewhere.


  1. Chavez is a Dictator!!!!!

    Yes. He is the liberal poster boy.
    He is loaded with the stupid genes.

  2. Admiral. Exactly! And he probably throws people in jail who disagree ! Lol.

  3. Sean Penn couldn't consume a watermelon even if a State Trooper shoved it up his ass.

  4. Zio, well, I won't argue that. I doubt he could even find his ass with both hands.