Thursday, March 18, 2010

Government, What is It Good For !

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btw - I don't agree with the message if we are fighting attackers of freedom ...

As far as federal government, I have very little use for it. I was talking with a friend at lunch, and I again recognize that the only thing I get from the federal government that is worth a damn is national defense and all of it's associated supporting mechanisms. And maybe interstate highways and interstate crime fighting.

Aside from that - Nothing - The states can take care of people truly in need in some way or other, so I'm not forgetting about the human welfare items but all of them can be taken care of by the states and we're talking Federal here.

The Federal government has simply eaten its way to monster status by growing its Bureaucracies exponentially since the early 1900's. It uses fear (war, justified war in many cases, we don't start them for the most part) and an incredibly diverse array of subordinate fears (losing our job, etc etc etc pathetic etc.) to keep folks thinking we actually need their worthless asses for something.

Today, I view the federal government as evil hybrid clowns, addicted to money like coke freaks are to cocaine who spend their entire existence thinking of ways to extract more money from us so as to give them a fix to get them through one more day, with no forethought into what might actually be the prudent thing to do should tomorrow actually arrive on time or who might be murdered or run over by a bulldozer in the meantime. (...taking breath...)

Again, for clarity; The federal government provides Me (I am the majority of people in America: Working, living within the law, contributing to the solution rather than the problem) with extremely little - outside of National Defense.

Everything in my life on a day to day basis comes from Private Industry (which includes publicly owned companies):
  • Our house and all that it provides, beds, furniture, clothes, food, drink, entertainment, pet food, electricity and fuel for heating and cooling.
  • A job to earn money, and/or the means to earn money to pay for it all.
  • The means to cook it, clean it, or eat it.
  • 1.2 acres that I call ours but which belongs to the mortgage company because we're the kinds of fools that actually pay for the things we buy.
Outside of National Defense; Virtually NOTHING I value comes from the federal government.
And this is the same for the majority of the population who every 2, 4 and 6 years get caught up in the political campaigns/rhetoric of what those assholes are going to Provide For Them.

They don't Provide Anything !!!
and government is a parasite on private industry so not only does government fail to provide anything of value, they actually obstruct those who do !


  1. Lincoln opened up a whole new can of worms!
    A Central Government was not in the original concept the Framers had in mind for this Country of The Several States.

  2. Speaking of Lincoln... Teh Won went and quoted him again today... ugh.

    I see you did turn this into a post after all - heh.

  3. Lincoln... Well, what isn't real must always be hyped eh?

    Yes sah :)