Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Socialism Sucks Fact Number 12

They've delayed the switch to digital TV, and they may delay it again.

Regardless, once was enough to illustrate how socialism, which caters to the stupid ignorant drooling small percentage of the population who can't get ready for Digital TV, given 3 F*ing years notice, is holding the rest of society back.

Add the fact that if the dumbasses haven't done anything by now they Never Will, so why delay it ?? In some dumbass liberal fantasy that holds Hope they will Change ????

This is the main enemy of Progress.

Isn't it delicious how people who support such nonsense call themselves 'Progressives' ?

They really should call themselves Dumbasses.


  1. I'm chained to a computer. What's a TV? Also...WTF's a newspaper?

    The same folks who aren't ready for digital TV have a dial-up modem and Windows '95.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing some horror stories on Monday about the 'unprepared' and angry !


    We have 4 TV's - Rec Room, Family Room, Kitchen, Bedroom.

    No idea what a newspaper is.