Saturday, June 20, 2009

Breaking News of the Past

Here's a story that is going to be out of place in the memoirs, but so what.

So my friend sees my post about the BSA Rocket III and sends me this email regarding one of our adventures.

One of my favorite BSA stories.....

We were on Ohio River Blvd....I was on the back of your BSA with my right arm in a cast. We pulled up at the light at the bottom of Elizabeth Ave in front of the Wagon to a Corvette....then without warning we were off to the races....I remember looking down to see the fingers of my left hand between my legs....with a death grip on the chrome seat bar....I was sitting on my own forearm going about 100 mph wondering whether that yellow vet was going to run me over after I fell off.....this was truly my greatest gecko moment!


Here's a picture of what we were looking at before the light turned green. Though it was at night I believe. Corvette on the right.

Give it a sec to load up and you get the street view. You can also navigate around once you're there by dragging the picture around.

Ohio River Blvd and Elizabeth Ave.

So, here he is, left hand death grip on that chrome bar between the seat and taillight, feet on the pegs with heels locked against the back of the pegs, (which is the only thing that would save ya), laying on top of your left arm. Jeeez. I've had several experiences like that myself which will come in future chapters, but still.

Sorry about that again Bob.