Friday, June 12, 2009


From the Washington Post:

"They came by the hundreds, from Florida and Ohio, New York and Texas, passing through the same entrance at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum where two days earlier security officers shot a man who had gunned down one of their own. "

So, why don't they go to EVERY scene where some whackjob kills some people ?


  1. good point

    re education:
    where are the magical countries where kids don't get brainwashed, but educated?
    haven't come across them yet!

  2. Sarah, Thank you.

    Well, for instance, I remember learning why capitalism has worked well, and why socialism does not work well, in grade school. I took that information and used it to evaluate things around me and how I managed financial and other affairs of my own life and it served me well.

    They don't teach anything like that anymore. Maybe in private school you could get something like that.

    Universities force the students to take the liberal point of view whenever there is an option. They come on talk radio and tell us about it all the time. They say if they don't conform their work to the professors political views they fail. So they conform.

    Granted some keep their own views but over time it will have the liberals desired effect.

    Here's an interesting video by a former KBG agent claiming how the KGB used these methods in favor of military buildup during the cold war. And still. True ? Hmmmmm. It rings true.


  3. PS. On that youtube page, you'll see a lot of videos from this guy. The one I linked to give you the meat of the point he makes though.