Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's a Funny

Timmy Geithner finds out Chinese students are about 100 times better educated than American kids or even most adults for that matter.


He probably called Obama afterward and warned him that the usual flying unicorn teleprompter Bullshit won't work in China. Or many other foreign countries for that matter where kids are still educated instead of brainwashed.

Hell, the Taliban already called Obama a lunatic after he said he wanted to talk to 'moderate Taliban'. As well they should.


  1. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. Ignorance. Bliss. All that stuff.

  2. i agree with you both:)
    true they study harder,and parents motivation in far east.not only china.
    the truth is:they are a lot older than the states in history;)

  3. Older for sure Mr G. One wonders why they're still Communist.