Friday, June 5, 2009

Proof Positive you Can't Give as a Life Long Strategy

Barak Hussein Obama - Affirmative Action to Harvard. He is now the President.

He hates America. Thinks America is arrogant. Among other things.

Michelle Obama - Affirmative action to Princeton. She is now the First Lady.

She hates America. Thinks America is Mean.

They're Both Millionaires !

People need the struggle in order to appreciate what they have done, and most importantly to appreciate what Others Have Done ! What America has Done !

Obama's Lengthy speech in Cairo said NOTHING about America giving it's Blood, Sweat and Tears for the lives of Muslims around the world ! Afghanistan's Muslims from the Russians. Iraqi Muslims from Saddammo. Kuwaiti's Muslims from Saddammo. Muslims in Somali. Muslims in Bosnia. We fought and died for them and the current President of the United States in a Speech Totally Focused on Speaking to Muslims about how America is Not Their Enemy FAILS to mention any of this.

This ain't good folks.

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