Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's another funny, in a stupid dumbass kinda way

Language Warning- YO!

So, Obama sends the invite out to Iranian diplomats to come to American Embassies and Party on July 4th.
1.) I have to wonder how many Iranian Assholes truly want to celebrate American Independence Day, and

2.) Given that Iran has been sending the Anti-Tank mines into Iraq for the Al Queerda people to use in IED's to blow up and maime thousands of our our Son's and Daughters in Iraq, all I can say is Obama must have shit for brains. As if I don't already know that.

I can't wait to hear how he trashes America in Cairo in a couple days as he tries to 'Heal America's Tarnished Image' with the Ignorant Mass Murdering Islam Fanatic FUCKS who have been killing Americans around the globe for the last 40 Fucking years.


  1. I can hear Obama singing "Reach out and Touch a Friend"....or was that Bill Clinton? My bad.

  2. I heard an Obama sound bite today where he said America is one of the largest Muslim nations.

    I can't wait for Biden's opinion.

    Actually, I think it was "Reach out and Touch My Money" for both of em. All of em. Bastids ! heheh

  3. I can't wait for biden's opinion.