Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I see Barack Obama has Disinvited the Iranians From the 4th of July American Independence Day Celebrations at the US Embassy

Now THIS is getting serious.

The Iranians must be pissed. I'll bet they spent 4 bucks or so on the 'Death to America' signs they had made up special for their visit on the 4th, and what are they going to do with them now ?

Plus missing out on the Hotdogs. Well, wait... Guess they could have brought some of their own stuff in a pot luck kinda thing.

I wonder if they practiced any of the American Patriotic songs for the party kick-off and now consider that time wasted as well.

I hope we haven't made them so mad it has caused massive recruiting of new terrorists.


  1. Wow! Obama plays hardball with Iran by not inviting them to the picnic? What a puss.

  2. I wonder if he will apologize now that the head mullah over there has demanded an apology.