Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lookup Hanging It Out in the Dictionary, And You Find This Vid

They weren't close enough to touch but the move is very impressive at 3:54


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    1. LSP, I sure think so. I can't watch this too many times..... Not possible.
      Gonna watch again now.

  2. Dude, those babies will out-drag a Chevy.

  3. MAN!! I , who am afraid of EVERYTHING, would LOVE to go up with them!!!! I like the music, too :-)

    1. I'd love to also Z. The Blues are more impressive than the Thunderbirds. I've seen them both a couple times.

    2. BTW, They're not wearing G suits either as you can see as that would interfere with their control of the stick.

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  5. It looks like the Progressive Ladies crew of Idiots have Forced Franco Aragosta aka Free Thinke from his blog, and that they have silenced him.
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    2. Can you smell the stench as I can?
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      So, after being carefully reviewed he is now saying that he don’t need or want anyones input, that he would rule on the facts of this case as presented .
      What does he have up his sleeve ??
      As I said, I smell a Rat!

    3. The left puts their armies on the courts. They ignore the Constitution. There must be a method created to get rid of them for that reason.

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  7. During his press conference yesterday, “America’s Governor Andrew Cuomo” addressed the coronavirus as the virus as having originated in Europe rather than China.
    Can this guy ever get his act together?
    Maybe it should be called the New York Virus, or the “Cuomo Virus” the way he has spread it.
    Are these Cowards afraid to call it as it is?
    Deal with it and get your head out of the sand you coward!

  8. The Right Stuff. These Blue Angels and Thunderbirds, have the right touch.
    Just inches off each others wings and mathematical calculated maneuvers.
    Hours of flying and a natural fit for their nitch in life, makes these
    pilots pleasurable to watch. But, not to many times.
    And, this blog is a magnet for a sound board.


    1. TsWs, apparently. Naval avaitors do have that little extra. Landing on a carrier at night? even in the day time, the stress level is way above "in combat" level.

  9. From what I understand, there are only two kinds of aviation arms. (1) Naval aviators and (2) everyone else. Now breaking that down a bit, there are only two kinds of naval aviators. (1) Fighter pilots and (2) everyone else. The Blue Angels are the best of the best, IMO. Thanks for an exciting video, Kid.