Thursday, March 28, 2019

Yea, Let's Do It Again !

I'm getting visions of Vanna White, Burt Reynolds, and an old time Saloon Piano Player here....

Gameshow / Cannonball


  1. I actually kind of liked, interesting, and AMAZING guitar........!
    Why Vanna WHITE? Or Burt Reynolds (like Smoke and the Bandit car race music?)?!!

  2. Z, The Gameshow part of that tune definitely brought to mind the Pat Sajack/Vanna white Wheel of Fortune show, and Burt Reynolds because of the Cannonball Run movie. The part starting around 1:32 just reminds me of one of those old west piano players with the sleeves rolled up playing some notes trying to calm down the gunslingers.... :-)

    And Cannonball Rag was written and played by Merle Travis.

    Chet Atkins was very inspired by Merle Travis. Merle heard Chet playing guitar on 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati back when and drove to the station to meet the man. Merle played with the thumb and index finger and when he saw Chet playing said "Wow 3 fingers!" Chet said "I thought that was what you were doing !" Instant friends. :-)

  3. WOW! It's gettin' close to 5:00 AM here, and I've just had my first cuppa Java, and BOY!~ did THAT wake me up, and make me feel ready to lick my weight in wildcats. WHEEEE!


    God bless,Tommy Emmnuel! He sounds bigger, better, richer, more varied, and more focused on convyeing pure ENERGY and a sense of EXHILARATION tand sheer DELIGHT hrough his fantastic guitar playing than any whole band I know.

    Wish more of the classical solo pianists I know –– all of whom are EXCELLENT players –– were able to convey so much sheer JOY in their piano playing as Tommy does with his guitar.

    Two words must have been coined to describe Tommy –– "NATURAL" and "GENIUS."

    I've really grown to love this guy. I've been to hundreds and hundreds of concerts, ani doubt if I've ever seen a performer more PERFECTLY AT HOME in FRONT of an AUDIENCE. I'm thoroughly convinced that performing is the thing Tommy Emmanuel loves most to do. His body English alone tells you that. A rare RARE gift for someone so blest with talent.

    I owe you a lot, Kid, for introduong me to this fabulous guy.

  4. Franco, Thanks.

    Tommy says his mission in life is to make people happy and he does that by playing. No doubt a gift from God, but he says it is just a lot of work and most people aren't willing to do the work and he was. Course the greats always talk themselves down. Still 300 concerts a year. Plus the master class teaching sessions and other events. Yea, he loves it.