Saturday, March 2, 2019

Alright, Let's Catch Upon the Universe, Only Ten Trillion Galaxies At last Count to Go...

Click the images but of course Monsieur and  Mademoiselle.

Butterflies and Nebulae.

Sprites are Best When Red

Dude, 986 Trillion Miles Across and just in this portion of the entity.

It's a Gal Dang Supper Bubble

Democrats are invading Orion.  Beady Eyed little bastards.

Yet another bubble...

My Heart and Soul

The Gosh Darn Tycho Super Nova Remnant.....

That Gosh Dang Vela Super Nova Remnant.....

Only 15 billion trillion more nebulae to go.....


  1. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! Why are there two fish kissing in the top one?!!!
    Breathtaking colors, amazing shapes..........

    Talking about space, did you know there are more and more people who believe in FLAT EARTH? Seriously!

  2. Z, This is what fish do !

    Wow, I have little doubt more people believe in flat Earth. Won't they be surprised. :-)

    Click the images for a description my dear xxx OO