Friday, March 8, 2019

Time to Catch Up on The Universe

Click the images but of course for a high resolution image and description written by a professional.

Matterhorn, Moon and Meteor - Imagine climbing that sucker in winter....

Orion Over the Austrian Alps

Apparently we Are the center of the universe.

Jupiter - One Heck of a Planet

Just a pic - Milky Way over Deadvlei in Namibia

So Close, So Far


  1. WOW! This view of Jupiter looks like a cross sectioo of a gigantic SUPER-BURGER or SUBMARINE or HERO sandwich.

    Layers and layers and lyers of dufferent kinds of meat and cheese.

    'Smakin' me HUNGRY!


    1. Me Too Franco, and there are some very interesting images of Jupiter coming back from the Juno orbiter. Jupiter is a monster.

    2. Hey, Kid,

      Does anyone yet know what has caused the horizontal "striped" and "layered" appearance of Jupiter?

      It looks attractive from this great distance, –– like an excetionally beautiful marble ––, but i somehow I doubt Jupiter will ever become a "Tourist Mecca."

      What say you?

    3. Those are storm systems Franco. Various elements from the surface and in the atmosphere make the various colors.

    4. Hrad to understand sunce the "stripes" appear to be so remarkably GEOMETRIC –– amost as though the planet were LAMUNATED from it's creation.

      Amazing stuff!

    5. That aspect I can't even speculate on Franco.

  2. Awesome.

    1. Exactly Ed. As the telescope salesman told us "If you can't see the Milky Way, you are wasting your time."

      True. The Moon, Orion, Jupiter, Saturn, some very bright stars come into view but not much else.

      And honestly, with the images you can find on the site referenced by these images, why bother?

    2. I take it the view of the Milky Way from Namibia is what most of US could have seen with our naked eyes before Edison revolutionized Civilization by inventing electric light. Am I right?

      Funny how "Progress" always seems to bring almost as many DISadvantges as it does the opposite, isn't it?

      Yet I doubt if any of "US" would want to emigrate to Namibia just so we could see the Milky Way as our ancestors must have been able to do 150 years ago.

      Might make a worthwhile TOURIST EXPEDITiON though, wouldn't it?

      Might make a whole new industry out of that. Interesting prospect.

      I wonder what the Namibians would think. Don't know anything about them, do you?

    3. Don't know about Namibians. Well, there are plenty of 'out in nowhere' places in the US where you can see it.