Friday, March 1, 2019

Forget About the Chem Trails.... Comets.

Comets visit us to spy on us. Haley's comet, one of the most famous was last here in 1986 and is scheduled to return in 2061 as it visits Earth every 75 years.

I suspect whatever alien society sent Haley's comet to spy on us in its last visit in 1986 found that  things weren't so damn bad.  Earth might just straighten up and fly right.  The USA elected Ronald Reagan.  Today ? Pfffffffffffft.  Wait until that thing comes back to collect data in 2061.  They will be splitting their sides in laughter.  Congressional sessions will regularly need to have crayons and play-doh sit-in sessions while the population of the USA runs around in circles screaming their little hearts out waiting for the non-existent globals warmings shit to kill them while they sleep.

Watching Earth from that point to the aliens will be like watching Green Acres, They will conclude Arnold Ziffel is the Leader of our civilization....

They will style themselves as pigs, invade the Earth and find the moslem vermin as their main enemy.  They will kill every stinkin moslem vermin this side of the Vega system and the rest of us will live in peace with them.  So it is written.

Here's another dang comet coming in.  Don't know which aliens sent the thing...


  1. This comet is returning to the inner Solar System in 3390 AD. We should have everything worked out by then.