Saturday, March 30, 2019

Just So It Is Said, a Quickie

Many people seem to be very welcoming of various terms.  Terms such as Diversity and Equality. Oh Yea! Sounds Good !  Like on the kindergarten playground we can all feel happy and no one is better than anyone else and everyone is happy and no animals are abused, and nothing bad happens to anyone or anything.  Yes, of course, Diversity and Equality is what we should all Strive For !

Diversity - Someone convince me that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory folks who figure out how to thread the Cassini spacecraft through the gap in Saturn's rings then conduct a multitude of orbits around the sucker and all of its moons, including dropping the Huygens probe on to Saturn's moon Titan while taking video to send back on the way down will be better off when the JPL team consists of someone from every race, creed, religion, sexual orientation/perversity and every other "diverse" group of carbon based life forms with widely varying levels of IQ.

Not gonna happen.

Equality - Someone convince me that we should all be able to play guitar like Tommy Emmanuel, Piano like Liberace, paint like Di Vinci, Sculpt like Michelangelo, .......

Equality is a Non-Thing.  Diversity and equality are methods for losers to take from winners grinding everyone down to the level of mediocrity and devoid of human spirit, excellence, ambition, and success.  Same as the life sucking environment of socialism where the only people who are happy are the select few at the top.  *See France for example.

Don't strive for equality.  Strive for Excellence.  The only potentially good thing you can do for a dipstick is to let them know as early as possible that they are a freakin dipstick.


  1. Brilliant analysis, Kid! I feel exactLy the same way, myself. I only wish i could have stated it as plainly, clearly and directly as you did.

    I've seen for a very long time that "EQUALITY" to the LEFT means rigidly enforced pre-approved standards of UNIFORMITY, which of course results in dulness and mediocrity for all at best, poverty and degradatiin for all at worst.

    Along with that I've tagged the concept of "DIVERSITY," as used by the LEFT, as a code word for militant DIViSIVENESS –– a means of keeping us all at odds with one another and constantly at each other's throats.

    The Bible says, "By their FRUITS ye shall know them."

    That's another way of saying "RESULTS ARE ALL THAT COUNT."

    Anyone with half a brain, –– who's not been brainwashed as we have by decades of schooing under a Cultural Marxist curriculum ––, should be able to see very clearly what has happened to us and why.

    Just a quick look at where we ARE today compared to where we WERE before the SICK-sies set in tells the whole story, and it AIN'T pretty, is it?

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid you'd have to be at least 65 years old to be able to see that for yourself.

    1. Thanks Much Franco ! I would add that I think pushing these type things is part of the globalist agenda. I recently read where most other countries really admire America now that DJ Trump is running things. That tells me something too.

  2. Wow! That was some statement. I remember starting elementary school and it wasn't long before the kids had things sorted out as to who was the biggest, fastest, or coolest in the crowd. Also, it only took the teacher to sort out reading groups one, two, or three. Nowadays my grandkids are going through the same kind of thing, and they know who is the biggest, fastest or smartest in their classes. The trick is to help them accept their position, but not give up on becoming the best they can.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks a lot Bob. That was my experience too. We also helped those who needed and wanted it too as long as they weren't evil. I certainly learned a lot from other people along the way, and still am of course.

  3. My opinion isn’t worth very much, but here it is anyway. Diversity ... all of us are different from everyone else. We look different, we think different, we have different reactions to life’s challenges. Some of us were born to poor families, others to middle-class folks, and a few whose parents are well-off. Some of us applied ourselves in school, some of us didn’t. Among those who did settle down in school, there were (for the most part), good paying jobs in the offing. Other folks were content to work for a minimum wage—so content, in fact, that they never went back to school to repair their deficiencies. Life is about choices. Some folks make good decisions, other folks make bad decisions. We do not need to celebrate diversity ... that, my friend, is a fact of life on earth. What we should strive for, and what we should celebrate, is unity—assimilation—coming away from our successes with a willingness to “give back” or reach out to others. No, not give people money. Money is never appreciated until you have to earn it; then it has meaning.

    Equality ... yeah, we Americans believe in equality —of opportunity. There is no level playing field in life. Every successful person has walked a rocky path, and then they reached a grassy plain, and then they came to hills that needed climbing, maybe even more rocky paths ... but whatever path they came to, successful persons dealt with it. They never sat down along the road to moan about how unfair life is. So, if someone wants equal opportunity, then they should stay in school so that they are in a better position to succeed in life. If they don’t want to do that, you know, stay in schools that everyone else is helping to pay for, fine ... but just know they were offered an opportunity and decided not to take it. No one with a high school diploma is qualified for much beyond a minimum wage job. Don’t expect to graduate from one of the world’s worst education systems and expect to start work right away as a neurosurgeon.

    Your advice is excellent, Kid ... strive for excellence. Belong to America as if you’re proud of Her. Contribute. Realize that education is a life-long endeavor. Most of all, make your way based on your own choices in life ... and for crying out loud, stop whimpering. No one respects a wuss.

    1. Thanks Much Mustang ! Agreed of course. Something I thought of later on the subject of diversity is that if we can all agree that some spear chucker from the Congo would not add value to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, then we must agree that this person would not add value anywhere else either.

      Striving for excellence is the only way our species can preserve itself. And we are barely doing that.

    2. Mustang,
      My good cyber-friend of some 14 years, I must disagree with one (and only one) statement you made above:

      My opinion isn’t worth very much.

      The hell is isn't! You are among the wisest men I've even known.

      Now, go ahead and blush. **smile**

    3. I agree AOW. I know that I'm at best a hack compared to our well disciplined and learned friend Mustang.