Friday, March 29, 2019

Well Ok Ok ! One More Then

Tommy wrote this tune that I have no doubt described his time playing in a family band called The Midget Safari touring Australia.  Tommy was 6 when they started.

At the end he mentions it is an emotional ride for him and I imagine all those touring memories come flooding back as he plays. The tune has happy moments and also expresses some dark and some tedious times imo.  His Father dies while he was still pretty young and I'm sure that's in there too.

And a G chord at the end :)

I think it is his greatest composition.  Note also he is playing finger style with a single string pick.  No doubt he learned to do this before he found out Chet Atkins used a thumb pick.  Things got a little easier for him after that.


  1. I always enjoy anything you post from Tommy. This was no exception, and I think I can appreciate what this must mean to him, personally, but I did not feel that Endless Road is "the best thing he ever produced."

    Glad you shared it, though.

    Sorry not to have said nothing earlier about it.

  2. Franco, No problemo. Differences of opinion are guaranteed.