Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Tadpoles

Star Forming Youngsters they are in an environment of great beauty.

Joe Satriani has yet to compose a mind bending tune to accompany this image.  I have emailed Joe in hopes of some audio to enhance our appreciation for such beauty in space and will update this post given a positive response.  Although on an another thread of discussion regards food and specifically Asian food, I can find an excuse to include Joe's Oriental Melody.  It does kind of fit the panorama.


  1. Replies
    1. Duck, Thanks, I'd have really liked that 20 years or so ago. Not a critique. I've just moved past all that stuff and am really starving for some new good sounds. Traditional jazz and blues just bore me to tears anymore, and all the stuff I used to like I've been deleting off my flashdrive.

      And no one I know of today is coming up with anything interesting. Satriani is unique and still new to me because I ignored him the last 30 years and have just rediscovered.

    2. "No one is coming up with anything interesting."
      I feel the same. And here the Internet was supposed to open so many possibilities.
      What went wrong?

      Myself, I think large content creators and distributors are too profit oriented to take a chance with anything adventurous. It affects most aspects of popular culture. Just maximize consumption.

      I miss the jazz scene of the 60's. Blue Note was releasing a classic every week, it seemed. ESP-Disc came on the scene to push free jazz. That would be impossible today.
      What's happened to film is even worse.

      Oh, I got a kick out of you calling Sun Ra, traditional.
      You probably would have enjoyed him. Great showman. He claimed his music could transport us to the stars.
      Kinda whack but a genius musician.

    3. Duck, Not sure how the internet is connected to music. Am I missing something? Well, one thing is it seems talented artists have given up on the idea of selling their music because of youtube. Put an album out and the next day it's on youtube for everyone to download.
      I'd say the early mid 60's and into the 70's was about the most creative stuff for music. You ahd Van Morrison to Alman Bros, to Van Morrison to Doors, to Led Zeppelin to America to Bread, to Janis Joplin to Donovan to Beatles to Karen Carpenter to medusa to Les McCann to Ayers Rock to Quicksilver to 10 years after to CCR to ...., etc. It was All Different stuff. What a great time to be a music consumer. Today it is such crap.

      I sit in restaurants today who play pop music and it all sounds like nursery music at best to music for insects at par. The singers can't sing, the instrumentalists are untalented if you can even hear them, the melodies would make Mozart commit suicide.

      Sun Ra? It seems to me I heard a ton of jazz like that in the 70's. As I said, I would have enjoyed him immensely in the 70's.

      As long as I don't hear it too often, I do still enjoy Sly Stone. You can make it of you try. Everyday People still one of my favs.

  2. I think you have to go right to the BB shred video for this one.