Friday, July 14, 2017

Speaking of Globular Clusters....

Imagine trying to sleep on a planet in the middle of this thing. 150 light years in diameter.  That 150 times 5.8 Trillion miles.  Nobody even know what that is.

Click and Read all about it.  Oh, and have a Wonderful Weekend !


  1. 870 trillion miles. Can get there over the weekend ...

  2. All this talk of globular clusters and Milky Way galaxy, I suddenly have a hankerin' for a candy bar.

  3. If you wanted a Milky Way bar and had to travel 870 trillion miles to get it, assuming you were traveling at the speed of light, then you should anticipate eating your candy bar in 2.9 million years. What this tells me is that human beings will have no major role to play in space exploration.

    1. We'll never get out of the solar system. All this looking for habitable planets nonsense is so absurd.