Friday, April 6, 2012

Well, Let's Not Forget About Tommy


  1. Alert! Alert!

    Open your blogger dashboard in one TAB,
    and from another TAB - type -
    and claim your feed.
    Don't get hijacked TOO!

    Google has purchased Feed Burner,
    and you MUST Claim Your Feed Now-
    don't Get Hijacked.


    1. They Say, repeating your steps, this had me 'subscribing' to some other site. ? Tho I don't have an RSS feed..

  2. Hi Kid,
    I was wondering if you have heard from Angel about her blog (Woman Honor Thyself). I know you had posted on the problems back in February. Last week I started to get notices from Google about her blog and today I found others talking about it on FB. No one knows how to contact her. Do you have an email address for her? It's been a long time and one would think that she would have the problems resolved by now or would have started up a new blog.

    1. TCL, Sorry, I don't have her email address. Maybe one of the fairer types in the blogger friend category? Opus # 6.. Z over at ?

      I also find it odd she hasn't re-appeared. I have no idea what's happened to foul up her site, though she did routinely pound on the muzzies pretty good, maybe they're somehow responsible, or she may have just downloaded or linked to something on the net. She did have all those animated widget things, which can contain malicious software...

      Though I have no idea.

      I haven't seen her commenting anywhere either.
      Hope she's doing well.

    2. Thanks, Kid. It was worth a try. I'll let you know if anyone sees or hears anything from Angel. I hope she doesn't give up on blogging...she did a great job of it.

  3. What happened to Nicky is someone has a blog--the URL is goomba news
    network (dot) blogspot (dot) com
    And Google purchased Feed Burner, and most likely code was slipped up and a bug from the
    Feed Burner code has the title and the URL buggy.
    So if you have a blog it is RSS with the Google (Atom)--scroll to then bottom of your blog page, and if some one has a blog with a URL
    Diary of a right wing pussycat--we who have a blog list that show snippets of the first
    couple of sentences-will not be your stuff but the blog with the title "Diary of a Right wing....
    and that is what is happening to Sig and Nicky.
    So you should burn your feed at feedburner(dot)google(dot)com, to beat the hijackers.

    I don't see how it would tell you that you would be subscribing to another blog.
    When you log in and then go to blogger dashboard and open another tab and then to Feed burner--the new page will show your Google Blogger ID and Password dotdotdotdotdot...
    then navigate to the Burn a feed now page.

    1. They Say, "open another tab and then to Feed burner" Is the step I was missing. Thanks !

  4. Not title.
    But the blog with the URL 'Diary of a right wing... Same as your Title.