Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dangly Bits

It seems all parties most in the visible spectrum on both sides of the failed cheese spread souffle of media politics refuse to concentrate on the issues that will drive this country in the months and years in the very near term.

He said, she said, he apologized, she refused to. Oh gosh, what will happen if she doesn't or Gasp, if some other asshole says something that they should apologize for and what will become of the Earth if they don't.  Let's concentrate on some totally disassociated issue between an extremely small number of people in Alabama, or Maine, or California, or Florida (Doesn't something come up in Florida every election? Seriously.)

Let's dangle these fuzzy/shiny balls in front of the 300 million cats in America to take their attention completely off what is important about who and what is in the White House. 

The Palin Ball

The Ann Romney Ball

The Zimmerman Ball

There are an endless supply of fuzzy shiny balls.
And people on all sides of the aisle fall for it over and over and over.

The campaign on both sides will have so very little to do with the duties and responsibilities of the occupant of the White House, it will make your head spin if you have a bead on reality.  As I think the vast majority, if not all of those doing the blogging on the sites I visit regularly do have..  (I wish I could visit more blogs, as I'm quite sure there are some excellent thoughts out there being transmitted into space, but I only have so much time.)

Anyway; It's why I came to call political campaigns the Seduction of the Idiots about 10 years ago.

I was going to wait until I heard snookie's views on this before I posted, but I couldn't wait any longer.

Maybe if all of us screamed at the politicians and the media day after day to STFU and only talk about things that deal with the White House and it's influence on America, we could make some headway.  It's one of the best ways I can think of to protest this inane madness in a peaceful manner that MLK would be proud of.. 

(I was going to say "influence on America and the world", but right now, I really don't give much of a rats ass about the "rest of the world".  The rest of the world needs to do what  American's did 300 years or so ago, and chop the head off their own master snakes. When they're willing to do that, I'll be willing to help them. I won't help anyone who won't help themself.)


  1. The Lame Stream Media shares a large part of the blame for this as they are in Obama's pocket. Just imagine if there wasn't an alternative media (conservative talk radio, bloggers, etc.) like in years past. At least now we can find the truth. We have a part to play by using our blogs to spread the truth and hopefully enlighten a few folks.

    1. TCL. Agreed, agreed, and agreed.

      Don't let it get us down though, people have lived good lives under conditions that were worse than this...

      Have a great weekend.

  2. AMEN to ALL of this, Kid...great, SUPER post!

  3. We are a hotbed of intrigue and stupidity along with some crazy assed New Yorkers that want to make this place their home. It makes listening to the news something to look forward to in a twisted and demented sort of way. I though Arizona was interesting until I started living here.

    1. Admiral, Interesting, I have a friend who lives in AZ and was complaining last year of so about the new yoikers moving in. Well, they're about the last people in the country to get the wake up call about Arizona !

      Have you driven around the state much? Id highly recommend Sedona and nearby Jerome, and the North Rim(in the summer.) Great drives, lots of history. Tucson, Old Tucson, and Tombstone. Lot's lots more. There's a mag - Arizona Highways that will put you on to all kinds of good trips.