Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 New Orleans ex-Cops face Life Sentences in Katrina Deaths


Now, when is that Criminally Incompetent former governorette, kathleen babinette blano going to be arrested for negligent homicide.

Add ray nagin.  And many others.


  1. Having lived in the nearby town of La Place, LA I'm very well acquainted with this case. There was so much turmoil in New Orleans following Katrina with armed gangs roaming the streets some cops were on edge and with most of the force having left the area, they were out numbered by the looters and shooters and rules were tossed to the wind in an effort to regain control of a desperate sitution. Quite honestly, we can't judge these men by normal standards. Just my thoughts on this case.

  2. Ron, Thanks for the comment. I love getting at the truth whenever possible. Do you think it's a kangaroo court that's trying these people?

    I admit, I don't feel as strongly at all about the police as I do about people like nagin and blanco who were in positions to provide either extreme positives or negatives to the situation.

    blanco did not allow the National Guard in for three days because "she did not want the people at the superdome to get too comfortable" is the way I understand it. FEMA isn't going in without NG protections, hence "it took 2 days to get water to the superdome".

    I did see video of NO cops looting stores, and when confronted by news people, simply stated they were there to thwart looting, while they stuffed their shopping carts.

    If these particular people are innocent of these charges, I expect some appeals at least and more verifiable information to come forward.

    Yea, I can see a fog of war situation there. I'd sure love to see blanco and nagin in a grey bar hotel for a while. I find it disgusting political figures have carte blanc immunity.

  3. I clicked on your headline hoping the story's in a link but it doesn't do anything.
    What am I missing?
    I hadn't heard about! I do agree with you that it's mostly NAGIN who should go to jail...

  4. WOW, just ran into this story on line...they just indiscriminately SHOT innocent unarmed PEOPLE?
    no wonder the judge said he felt frustrated that he was limited to how much time they could get. Still, 65 years is a very long time!

    1. Z, 65 years can end up being a much shorter period of time with the idiotic bleeding heart prison / parole system we have. I'm not sure to what extent that applies here, and frankly not in the mood to flesh it out with the required amount of interweb research that might take.

      I feel consumed with my observations of massive numbers of voters who neither see anything wrong with oBAMa trying to tell the Supreme Court what to do, let alone even acknowledging that a Supreme Court exists in our society, let alone understanding one iota of what powers the various 3 branches of government are supposed to have, let alone understanding that the vast majority of the constitution was written to protect us from 'the government' ;)
      I could go on...........

      Good God.

  5. Hi Z, Here is a link to the story

    And yes, nagin was seriously incompetent, but I feel the governor-ette blanco was extremely dirty and complicit in the 3 days of nastiness (in particular) that went on after Katrina hit, since she personally blocked out the National Guard during those 3 days.

    And I have to mention for historical and contextual sake that more people died in the Tennessee floods while oBAMa was in the White House and FEMA never even showed up in Tennessee. And of course, the "media" has yet to point that out. Gee, wonder why.

  6. The cops are just fall guys for the incompetent, corrupt gov't "officials".
    It was a war zone, and they shouldn't be judged by the same standards as random psycho's like that guy the other day in CA at that school.

  7. Natural disasters are disasters for everyone. There are plenty of victims as well as people who would prey on them. I hope I never have to be in that situation and living in Florida it is a possibility.

  8. Bunni, Admiral, It was a war zone.

  9. I agree with you all. There has to be a scape goat to shield the Gov. and Mayor.
    Give the people something and lay low til it blows over.

    1. They Say, Well the chocolate city people didn't figure it out, but the people of Louisiana sure knew where to put the crosshairs when it came to the governor race by electing Bobby Jindal.