Monday, April 9, 2012

Music to Start The Week

A tough arrangement of a Django Reinhardt tune called Nuages.

Django played in the early 1900's, arranging music to sooth the savage Conservative and confound the average liberal communist with it's complex lines and shadows.  Liberals are more comfortable with nursery rhyme stuff as we know.

And I'll tell ya, it ain't easy playing moving harmonics like this with a single string pick.  Tommy figured out how to do it as a kid in the Australian outback because he had never seen Chet Atkins play to observe a thumb pick.


  1. Not my cup of tea, Kid. I'd get just as much enjoyment listening to a "Best of Zamfir" album.

    1. No problem Fredd. Music is like Art, hard to buy for other people.

      Have a great week :)

  2. off thread-we lost a great Christian artist-

    1. Carol-CS, Thomas Kinkade. Agreed!

      There are some Salvador Dali that come to mind now. I think I'll see if I can find one to post soon. Very powerful.

  3. You're a Thomas Kinkade fan and you're giving liberals the tone about their taste?

    Get real.

    Wow, you're familiar with Django. I'm impressed.
    Why did you feel you had to tell your fringe right readers when he played?

    Nothing like the way you giants dug Kinkade.