Thursday, April 5, 2012


To which I say to the courts, especially the Supreme Court, spank his pathetic little butt until he resigns.

And shove it up oBAMa's colon as well.  It's about damn time.


  1. Kid - you really shouldn't hold it in like that. You gotta let it go sometimes.

  2. Ahhhh... But, We will see some sort of retaliation.

    1. They Say, Yes, there will be retaliation. It's what incompetent people who have been given way too much freakin power (oBAMa) ALWAYS do.

      I thought it was interesting that after this story was a couple days old, the only place I found it was on your site. That is not a statement about Anyone's blog, just an observation on my part that I thought it was just interesting. It was the first time in 3 (well no 4.5 years counting official campaigning time) that anyone has stuffed it back up oBAMa's ass.
      I find it really refreshing after all this time and the republicans letting this imbecile dictator get away with anything and everything. It was a Judge that decided enough was enough. Not "our" representatives in Congress. A defining moment. This WILL go down in history.

  3. Sig, I was really trying to be polite here. Did I cross the line? :)