Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Eagle Nebula

I'm not up for serious subjects, so I'll post this instead.

Click the picture until it gets big enough you can search for life forms in the nebula.
I imagine a googleplex * a googleplex of googleplexes of Earths could fit in this picture.


  1. Eagle or phoenix, it sure is something to see. I really love space and it's vastness.

    1. Admiral, It really is amazing. Less than a pin prick on the sky to many someones.

  2. "It's why I came to call political campaigns the Seduction of the Idiots..."
    So True!

    Loved the post with the video of your dogs--glad your beagle is happy..as to your black lab---
    so glad you agree that our loving pets are walking the 'tall grass' and that we shall see them again---

    The Nebula photo helps keep things in perspective...

    1. Carol-CS. Thanks :)

      Buddy the black lab lived long and well. He was such a fantastic dog. Helped with the kitten fostering, dog fostering, and performed all the duties required of a ferocious pussycat.

      I do believe the tall grass is there.

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  4. Sorry, I had to delete what I wrote because I thought it was hilariously funny as I typed then realized it might not translate so well in a comment/email :-)
    Let me just say I'm so not into this stuff and ""search for life forms" set me off laughing really hard.
    Okay...I saw ONE dolphin standing on its tail. Is that The Littlest Mermaid's boyfriend or something? :-)
    I made a slightly dirty joke about something else in this post and had the better sense to delete it just in time, too. I'll just leave you guessing with that one!

    1. Z, Wow, you ARE going to leave me guessing because you deleted it quick enough I didn't even get an email on it. ;-) I'm glad you got an Lol out of it. I Love searching for life forms any chance I get btw.

      Well, this isn't a PG rated site, so anytime you want to sound off, it's all up to you alone. Or feel free to put it in an email. I'm well over 21 and harmless -as I always say. :)

      And wow, that Is a dolphin, though in the larger view it looks a bit more like a seahorse, or a shrimp if you're hungry.

  5. I'm still looking for the dolphin, shrimp and the seahorse, not to mention the eagle.
    Anyway, it's a beautiful photograph...a reminder of how great our God is.

    1. TCL, Agreed ! We have no idea imo.

      The head of the Eagle is the smaller yellow-green bit upper left to the main nebula structure. The main nebula structure is the outspread wings, and the Dolphin/Seahorse is the column of dust lower center-left.

      And of course when these things were named, they only appeared in natural white reflected light as opposed to thee modern images which are false colored to indicate the chemical make-up of the material contained. (Usually Blue for Oxygen, Orange for sulfur, and, ah something else for something else I can't remember at the moment.) :)

    2. Which leads me to a question. Just exactly HOW do WE know what the chemical make-up is? I asked this once of my Astronomy professor. When he gave me a look like I was an idiot, I asked him just WHY we think we know every single element in the entire universe.

      His answer was more or less because we do.

      I find it odd that we live on one planet and we KNOW every element, chemical, etc throughout the universe.

      That always leaves me with the impression that humans are incredibly arrogant.

      Another reason why I think the global warmers are so far off base it's hilarious. If the earth is millions of years old, then knowing temps in the last 100 years or so prove a few decades of (debatable) changes are caused by industrial nations.

      And they refer to people like ME Flat Earthers. :D

    3. Rita, Glad you stopped by. Check out George Carlin a couple posts more recent. Ah Yep.
      Couldn't say it any better, at least through the first 3/4's or so. You'll love it. There's a little language but worth it.

      They're all wrong. They're all so anxious to make a name for themselves. One of my favorite things to tell people is that 'the scientists' have been jumping up for thousands of years screaming they have the answer and we know that 99% of all they've said is in the trash can. Maybe over 99%.

      The global climate thingamabob will make us the Laughing stock Era.

      We don't know every element that's for sure. They're still adding to the periodic table ! haha

      Anyway, the story is that light can be filtered to determine what elements it passes through or reflects off of on its way to us. I can go along with that much of it.

  6. Thanks Kid. I normally watch videos after my husband goes upstairs to bed so the noice doesn't bug him. When I don't want to wait, I'll resort to the earplugs.

    I was disappointed when it came out a year or so ago that the Hubble pics were not the actual colors. I understand why they used that technique, and after thinking about it, colors wouldn't actually appear in space since they are actually only a refraction of light. But I still love the majesty of space "art" that was placed there by the hand of God.

    1. Rita, I couldn't agree more. So much beauty, and if we have the technology, God gave it to us to use to discover these treasures is the way I look at it.