Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whoa, Let's Set the Record Straight

With the recent tragic events in Japan, I've seen Numerous "News" items making reference to the 3 Mile Island (fill in the blank but the honest word would be Accident)

According this slightly agenda-ized representation (imo) there was a partial meltdown in one of the reactors.

  • NO radiation was released
  • NO one was injured or affected by/exposed to radiation, including the operational staff
  • There was NO disaster
Media continue to pound on 3 Mile Island and mislead the public that there was a disaster when there was NOTHING outside of mistakes made and an accident that was totally contained.

Chernobyl cannot happen with any other reactor known to mankind today.  Chernobyl had NO containment vessel or building.

If you'd like to really know what is going on with the reactors in Japan right now, I see no better source than Blackfive and the comments and reference sites in the comments of This Post.

At this point I absolutely believe that many 'news' outlets are committed to seriously damaging the USA by pounding on issues related to common sense and economical energy solutions and pretty much anything else beneficial to the USA and its citizens with particular regard to education, infrastructure, intelligence, standard of living, health care, food, housing and freedom.


  1. They hate for us to be free. They want to see us impoverished and groveling.

  2. great post. i've been thinking these news reports were pretty confusing. haven't been to blackfive in a while. lots of info.

  3. State Run MEDIA = 0bama mouth piece and fear mongers. Their news is all about the agenda.

  4. Opus, I believe there is more truth to that than many would believe.

  5. Cathysue, Honestly, why do Journalists, people who by and large squeaked through college if at all, feel the need to explain everything in the universe ?

    They have incredible egos, much like celebrities who think they are intelligent because journalists are constantly sticking mics in their face.

    What a place.

  6. Admiral, I like to call them the Democrat media since the repubs/hopefully tea party repubs will be in control again and then we don't want people thinking state run imo.

    Certainly agree though.

    I came up with a new nickname for oblama. I'm calling him Oblabber now.