Friday, March 18, 2011

On Losing Those You Love


I find it helpful to know that people or pets or anything we love that has passed on to another plane do not belong to us.  They did not leave us. They moved on.  We should be happy for them, and if we did anything to help them or make their lives more pleasant on this rock, be proud of that and find comfort in it.  They will remember those things and us as we remember them.
When I pass on, I’ve actually got a few in the animal world that I want to talk to first, before anyone else, and know that they are alright.  I think my family members will understand.
Personally, I often think of those that have passed on as having gone somewhere over the rainbow. For some that is Heaven, for others it might be a more scientific -  quantum physics musing.   No difference really. 

Regardless, I feel that I know that those that have left this rock are better off than we.  Free from this bio-chemical bag of flesh and bones we move around in.  Free from age or physical hardships or thoughts muddled by failing neurons and receptors.   Free to explore the universe or just find a warm place to take a nap or maybe somehow help someone who is on the physical journey and needs that help. 
What else would one do for eternity ?  Some constant search for self-gratification that only involves yourself?  Sounds boring, non-artistic, selfish, rude, lacking in imagination and most of all lacking in satisfaction. Sounds like the lowest level of thought.
Personally, I think it would be great to spend a lot of the time travelling the dimensions, helping children, cats, dogs, snakes, plants, whatever along in their journey through the physical world.  Adults not so much.  Kids over 18 need to suck it up and not find themselves in a position to cry for help - generally speaking. They’ve had some time to scope out the rock they live on and prepare for it.  Though some exception can be given for things going on such as are happening in Japan.  Even adults need some comfort from that kind of immeasurable pain.
So, a couple tunes come to mind.  (If you click on the play button and it says 'an error occurred' [which happens a lot lately], click on the 'youtube' icon on the lower right instead)

I'm so tied but I can't sleep...
standing on the edge of something much too deep... 
It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard..

Damn Sam.




  1. Nice way to put it Kid.

    A couple of great tunes as well.

  2. that's very sweet. i've had a few deaths in the family lately. every one has had a peaceful the hospital on morphine drip surrounded by family. Each one of these, when the time came close, muttered the name of a loved one long since passed. i think they were coming to tell them that everything was ok and to come on. i find that very comforting.

  3. Well put, Kid. I hope no one you love has passed away lately.

    I agree, it is better to be free of this world and all it's horror's. We shall see our loved ones and pets when we pass. When the silver cord parts, we are with God.
    "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". All suffering is over, and pain is gone.
    That's a very good thing.

  4. Thank you for putting into words what I could not. I'm sharing your link with others.

  5. From IanSent by a freind during a time of sorrow. Thank god we have freinds and we can only imagine the joy on the other side. Thanks Bobby

  6. Thanks Admiral, Just blowing out some thoughts late in the evening :)

  7. Cathysue. I'm happy those of yours passed peacefully in such a setting.

    I understand what your saying about them speaking someone's name who had passed earlier. It seems like there has to be something there.

    When my sister passed a few years ago, and when her grandchildren and us were leaving the cemetery, one of them, a 3 year old, looked up at the sky and said "Ok, I love you too. Goodbye". How can you explain that?

  8. Bunni, No one has passed recently. I was just putting out some thoughts and feelings.

    Well, I think this world can be a fantastic place at times as I'm sure you do too. Taken as a whole though, there is a lot I need to forget about - going on in the world- in order to think it is a fantastic place. Thankfully we can forget these things for a while.

  9. Hi Bobby, I saw your recent post about losing your 2nd Mom. I'm sorry to hear she left you too soon (as they all do)
    I also had a Mom away from Mom. :)

    I appreciate your comment.

  10. beautiful sentiments my friend...thank you..and hey...Keep the faith my friend:)

  11. Woman, Always.
    I'm happy you and others are getting something out of these thoughts.

  12. Kid, Wonderful post!

    I believe much the same as you meaning I do not buy into the quantum bit although if true then God made it so.

    Pets, no matter the mammal, reptile or even arthropod are a joy, companion and family member and believe we will meet up again in the hereafter.

    Some I pray to see again are:
    Lucky (Dog),
    Playboy (Dog),
    Bonnie (Dog),
    Shadow (Dog),
    Fluffy (Rabbit),
    Rastus (Cat) and
    Jerermiah (Rooster)

  13. Christopher. Thank you. I agree with your quantum comment.

    The pets are like children to me. Probably the same for most people.

    I believe we will see them again. I hope to add to my list.

    Dogs: Buddy, Lucy, Rocky, Pugsly, Sherlock,...
    Cats: Monique, Big Bear, Grey Goose, Spats, Fuzzy, Tiger, Boots, Jaggerz,..