Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Has Had Several More Quakes in the Last Hour

at the time of this writing.  The latest one a 6.6
And zoom in 

Here is an image capture of the zoomed in quake detail as of 8:46 PM 3/12/2011

Those colored yellow are within the last week, Blue = Today, Red = Last Hour

Update: 3/13/2011 - Still lots of activity.  Most, I believe are aftershocks and some are more earthquakes.  All the blue ones are since the last picture yesterday.

Update: Still lots of activity.


  1. The ring of fire is suddenly very active. God help them people.

  2. Admiral, and I can't help but think the rest of the chain, regards the tectonic plates, will be affected in a significant way themselves.

  3. It think it may be a while before things settle down with plate movement. Like you said when the plates move one place somewhere else the plates will be moving too.

  4. Admiral, according to earthquake theory, San Fransisco is due in the next 40 years or so.

    Anyway, as I understand it, anywhere in the chain is susceptible however since a movement at Japan would allow space for plates pressing IN that direction to move there, and plates being pushed BY the Japan area will be receiving more pressure to move on themselves.

    Unlikely to happen tomorrow of course, but sometime in the next couple decades seems reasonable.
    That was a big move.

  5. There must be a lot of settling in that area after such a big one.

  6. I talked to a sailor awhile back. He was a older guy who retired form the Navy.
    He said that the Atlantic floor was ever moving inward, and the Pacific floor moved upward. Could be reversed oceans floors, upward and inward, it was a long time ago when we talked.
    Makes since, since Islands appear and disappear; although some are volcanoes.
    But Indonesia, now Japan.
    Then there was New Zealand.

    See all 3 links.

    Earthquake Center

    Earthquake Center last 8-30 days

    Earthquake Center 2

  7. On May 22, 1960, a Mw 9.5 earthquake, the largest earthquake ever instrumentally recorded, occurred in southern Chile.

    Cordon Calle volcano with an eruption cloud. The volcano, which was within 200 km of the earthquake epicenter, began to erupt two days after the earthquake.

    Hilo was the hardest hit city in the Hawaiian Islands. The tsunami arrived at Hilo about 15 hours after it originated off the coast of south central Chile, 6,600 miles distant. The runup at Hilo was measured at 10.7 m.(33ft)and was estimated to have traveled at speeds greater than 30 mph. The waves ripped 22 ton boulders from a 3 m high (10 ft) sea wall and carried them 180 m (nearly 700 ft) across Mooheau Park without damaging the grass.

    WOW A 9.5 in 1960!
    Tsunami hit Hawaii 33ft at 30mph!

    NOAA Tsunami Pics

  8. sigh..alot of suffering while Hussein O is still golfing! Have a great Sunday my friend..:)

  9. Opus, actually, yea, Tsunami's are created when the ocean floor moves either up or down, as opposed to sideways (which is what happens in California on the fault for example).

    So yea, what happened that caused to sea floor to move up or down that much. Anyway, lots of movement. I put another image from today on the post - still a lot of activity compared to any other quake I've seen and I used to watch them a lot on the USGS site.

  10. They say, Interesting in your first like how Honshu had a 7.2 - two days before the 8.9.

    Also 9.5. Wow. I have seen some big ones in S America on USGS. Apparently, they usually don't affect people or create tsunami's. I think many people would be surprised to know how many quakes happen everyday, often big ones (> 6.0).

  11. Woman, Well, the military people in place were on it from the start. And how much can you do anyway?

    And, I have to notice no one coming over to help out with katrina..

    Not that that makes obama any less of an incompetent butthead.