Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blues for Earth - Cream, Live at Royal Albert Hall, 2005

My next X # of posts will be the rest of the Cream performance at Royal Albert Hall, 2005 that I can find on Youtube. Unless something really drives me to spew, then there may be a spew interlude.

In any case, I offer up some Musicians (actually they offer Themselves up) from the early 60's. Hey, if these guys performed at the Super Bowl instead of the Black Eyed Peas, I might have watched, but I'm not much interested in one guy that talks, one girl that sings marginally well, and two more guys that I have no idea what they do and None of them play instruments...sigh.

I feel a Revolution in music is at hand. I hope it is, because the vast majority of what is being offered up today pretty much sucks.



  1. Hey Kid, you got my vote - Cream is in my top 5 of all time favorite bands!!!

  2. DeanO, The ONLY tune they did that I don't care for is the ONLY one I ever hear on the radio when I listen to FM, which I don't anymore - White Room.

    Isn't that odd ?

  3. The Black Eyed Peas sucked. They were shockingly worse in person than they are in the recording studio. I guess their sound people couldn't cover for them.

  4. i hope you're right about the revolution. it's revolting companies like this: http://arkmusicfactory.com/
    that have been and continue to absolutely ruin our kids' appreciation for real music. as with everything else, it's up to us as parents to teach them.

  5. Opus, yea, where are the musicians and song writers?

    If I listen to new stuff, it all sounds the same, is sung by people that can't sing and musicians that are beyond boring.

    Section 8 has hit pop culture I guess.

  6. cathysue. Quite a website. Looks like a trash dump. (I do some web developing and that thing is ugly)

    Anyway, someone will come along. George Clinton came along and created Motown. The insistence on quality inspired a lot of people. They couldn't get enough quality and it spread like a virus with talented hungry musicians turning out some great original stuff.

    I'd say Rock is dead as of the late 70's, maybe something like classical will become popular again. I don't know.

    Maybe it all goes the way of 'Lord of the Flies'. A novel about dark human nature.

  7. Yes we agree most of the "music" out there now... Well it isn't
    Thanks for sharing this snazzy tune
    We danced to it
    Mom plays jazz on the piano while Miles and I and often times dad too, NAP


  8. Pierro, I'm glad you liked it. Every cool cat needs some jazz and some blues like every day daddyo..