Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buy American !!


General Motors said Thursday that it would temporarily shut a truck plant in Louisiana because it could not get enough Japanese-made parts, the first in what analysts say could be widespread disruptions at auto plants in North America because of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis half a world away.
That it was G.M. — rather than one of the Japanese automakers, which depend on many parts from their home country — that succumbed first to the shortage shows how much the industry depends on far-flung suppliers.

My 2000 Toyota Sienna is 85% American, parts and labor, more than most 'American' cars.  And don't give me that the money goes to Japan.  If the big 3 are buying the parts from out of country, the money is going out of country.
To the boneheads riding around in Ford F350's with a sign on the back window that says "Hungry? Eat your rice burner."  I say "Hungry? Eat your 'American' Car". "And your union leaders"

PS - Japan gets electrical power to reactors. Sounds like a good thing.

PPS - UN Authorizes any and all military action to protect civilians and civilian interests in Libya.  GOODBYE YOU STUPID BASTARD KADAFFI !!!  I recommend 137 shots from a 22 caliber pistol starting at your feet should you choose suicide.



  1. Hey Kid - I love this; America's dependency on foreign nations for....well, everything, is gonna kick us in the boot! I've seen that bumper sticker and it simply amuses me the lack of education! I remember years ago my Grandpa looked me straight in the eye and told me he only buys American, I asked him "who made your Zenith television" he replied, "made in the USA" Loved my Grandpa

  2. DeanO. Yea, I don't mess with the older folks either ;-)

  3. Obama would be Carter if he loved America. Too bad he doesn't.

  4. Obama would be Carter if he loved America. Too bad he doesn't.

  5. I've always enjoyed my Toyotas. When America makes a car that lasts as long as my Toyotas do, I'll consider buying one.

  6. Kid:

    Like those stale, old Bud commercials would state, 'I love ya, man....' BUT:

    Without foreign goods, we'd be living in caves. This is an emotional issue that tugs at every American heart string when we say that we are shipping money to the Japanese/Chinese/whatever boogie man you want to point a finger at. Sure, buy American, be a patriot.

    But trade is good for everybody. Even Americans when they buy foreign stuff. We get the utility of their stuff, they get our money, even Steven trade. They value our money more than their goods, we value their goods more than our money, win win for everybody.

    It is irrelevant where something is made; that is the misleading component in all of this 'buy American' movement. The economic basis is called 'comparative advantage', and I will not glaze your eyes over explaining it, unless you are a business school grad, and Econ 101 was a mandatory class, then you know that I am right.

    If all we did was buy American stuff, and American stuff only, and enforce it by slapping a punishing tariff on foreign stuff, or flat out placing a ban on imports and just build a wall around the country and isolate ourselves from those horrid foreign goods, just remember: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Say goodbye to your Cuban cigars (oh, that's right: nobody has ever, EVER smoked a Cuban cigar in the US since 1959). OK, bad example. But kiss your pineapple, mahogany coffee tables, and hell, plain old coffee beans, and a whole bunch of barrels of oil goodbye. And you can kiss your standard of living goodbye too.

    Kid, 'I love ya, man.' But you are buying into a foolish and misguided movement. Global trade is good for everybody. And to bolster my point consider this:

    ABC's Diane Sawyer is pushing her series on 'Buy American' really, really hard this week.

    Think about that, Kid. When is Diane Sawyer ever right about anything? Are you throwing your hat in with Diane? Kid, say it ain't so...

  7. Opus, And that says the rest! :)

  8. Arby. Ditto. I listen to the car guy on talk radio sometimes on the weekend. EVERYONE is calling with odd problems with 'American Cars'. I've never heard anyone call with a Toyota problem. Ever.

    Look at one of the roughest environments - Afghanistan - What do they drive. Toyota.

  9. Fredd, You read me in reverse my friend. I'm making fun of the 'Buy American' crowd.

    I agree protectionism would kill us just like it helped do. in the great depression.

    btw - I graduated from the Father Sarducci 5 Minute University. Supply and Demand Baby. All ya gotta know.

  10. Kid: all of my pontification, and to no avail? Oh well.

    And I saw that video of Guido's, and he put it this way:

    'Business a-school? All-a you a gotta know-a is a two a words: supply an a demand. That's a it.'
    (and take a big puff on the Marlboro here...)

  11. Fredd, It was very well written.

    btw - como esta ested?