Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rand Paul Blew It

He was doing well, until he got to the end and then by saying he wanted to do this rant for 20 years and laughed, he turned it into a non-event.

Personally, I'd have asked her if she's heard about the San Francisco low volume toilet fiasco, and how San Fran now has to pour 18 million lbs of bleach through the sewers on a reg basis to deal with the buildup, and given that saves neither money or water or contributes to clean or more water, when will the Dept. of Energy recognize its failure and reverse course? I'd have demanded an answer.

Then I'd have asked her that given the DofE's mandate at the time of their creation by the idiot jimmy carter, is to reduce our dependence on foreign source of energy, why are they even dicking around with toilets and light bulbs. Further, given they have made Zero progress on this mandate in 40 odd years, why should we continue funding this department at all. This question I would also ask of the rest of the congressional members present.

But, the video is fun to watch until that last bit at the end which diffuses it.

Finally, I ask You Senator Paul, what actions does the tea party plan to take for abject failures of government programs or are you just going to give Lip Service like President Barak OBlabber. ?


  1. Saying that these measures goes back 30yrs., with a bipartisan legislation isn't the point that was asked. Talk about running around the barn for an illusive answer.

  2. They Say, I agree, pathetic is all they got. I'd have pressed it.
    Let's not forget how the Dems have POUNDED capitalism in congressional 'hearings'.
    WE are at war with liberalism and it seems we have no army before us...

  3. Only the home front-Tea Party, maybe, if it is not a sucker punch.
    The Congress is a whirlpool dragging every good soul we send-in the dirtyside of human quest for power-and then the riches will follow-so they think/desire.

  4. They Say. I agree. It's our last chance..
    I hope it's not a sucker punch.

    Bob or Kid is me.

  5. Yea, you have showed up as two or three different signin pseudonym manytimes.
    I have to try to keep straight 10 signin aka's.

  6. Kid, you would be a great and fearsome interviewer.

  7. They Say, I don't think I could do 10. :)

  8. Opus. Thank you. I do like to get to the point, but I'm afraid as a politician, I'd be assassinated post haste.

    I do admire William F Buckley for getting right to the heart of the matter and his fearsome debate skills.
    Here's a good one Catch the Jesse Jackson bit hahaha.

    Another that I agree with. Legalize drugs. Portugal did it 8 or 9 years ago. It works.