Monday, March 21, 2011

2012 Elections – Forget About It


I'm going to act like the average American young voter and not pay any attention to the election or candidates and see if someone on the Repub/Tea party can get my attention.  If some candidate can force their way into my simulated sex, drugs, and rock and roll brain, then they might be able to win.

I am purposely Not going to go check people out ahead of time.  Like I need to anyway??  Like I might find myself a mindless idiot in November of 2012 and not be able to choose between socialism/soft communism (Dems) and what the other side might have to offer ?

I also won't be buying people books, contributing to organizations, making political contributions, etc.  Not for the presidential election. 

To me, if enough people haven't been motivated to seek an alternative to obama and the Dems in 2012 after what those dictatorial morons have shoved up our butts the last two years - that the other team needs a billion dollars of advertising money to win - then we're screwed.  So, why should I pay for being screwed?

I Will contribute to select local candidates however.



  1. This is one reason the Lib Dems and Rino Repubs allowed illegals in, and now large numbers; cause coming from socialist countries with a life of Gov. dependency is the squeaky wheel that is needed to be re-elected or elected in districts heavily minority populations, considered safe districts.
    It's all about power, and feeling Superior.
    They think we are up against a wall- donate to the party of choice or let the other side win!
    The day of reckoning will rear it's "Power of the People" head when A Real Third Party comes a calling!

  2. They Say, There's a lot of knowledge in that comment.

    3rd party won't make it but the Tea Party people do have the opportunity to take over the Repubs just like the commies did with the Dems.

    I say put the Mob in charge. They'd do a better job an take less of a cut.

  3. The Mob has been in charge since Andrew Jackson died. And they thought the deal was sealed in 1913 or when the Fed Reserve was a done deal.
    What we are lead to believe are the Italian (Sicilian) Mobsters. They are only the front men that take all the heat of the public resentment. While the Bosses reap the treasures and are made to look like the do gooders.

  4. We the People are awake. I pray things get better in America and soon.

  5. I am officially using Kid's platform to throw my hat into the ring: Fredd for President 2012.

    My platform:

    1. Immediate construction of a 100 foot high fence with machine gun turrets across the entire southern border. Orders are shoot to kill anyone attempting to scale this wall.

    2. All foreign aid will be discontinued immediately. No exceptions

    3. All public sector unions will be decertified immediately.

    4. All schools will no longer receive federal money, and the NEA will be immediately decertified. They will compete for students like all other for profit businesses, or close.

    5. To vote in US elections, voters must own at least 1/4th acre of developed property.

    6. Congress must enact a Balanced Budget Ammendment to the Constitution to include mandatory yearly reductions to the deficit of 5% annually.

    7. Mandatory two years of military combat arms service for all males ages 18 through 29. Voluntary service for women in non-combat roles.

    Vote for Fredd. He'll get things back on track.

  6. in order to keep what sanity i have left, i will have to forget about it. every election i think...surely the people won't elect this guy or that chick...and what happens 85% of the time? this guy or that chick wins. i'm over it. i'll still vote, but i can't fret over it.

  7. They Say, I can believe that. I know congress' hasn't written a tax law for at least a few decades. "Lobbyists" do. Likely most of the other bills too.
    Like any of these buttheads in congress could actually write a bill.

  8. Opus, I agree and I'm with you. And people being awake is all it's going to take.

  9. Fredd,
    I'm pretty much with you expect for a couple things.

    If you build a fence, you need people to guard it. If you have people guarding it, you don't need the fence.

    I'd let anyone vote who pays either income taxes for more than 6 mo./year or property taxes - and not as a renter. And they can't have received ANY government money except for social security and that they have paid into social security if they're getting it.

    But yea man, How did *I* ever get a grade/high school education? The schools were only funded by local taxes. No federal money.

    And I'll add to your list one last item:

    ALL federal departments must show a positive return on investment where the measurement is defined at the time of creation or funding will cease.

  10. Cathysue. Yes, not to be depressing, but regardless of anything We each have our One vote. That's it.

    If people don't get their heads out; our sending money to this, that, or the other will only have the effect of reducing our savings.

    And to repeat, I will put a little effort into my local government.