Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whoa, It Appears the UK National Health System is About to Enter Hellhole Status

In addition to yesterdays expose by the daily mail, I took another quick look today and found three articles all discussing the rapid decline in health services.  I dare say Shocking decline in services.

In addition to yesterday's introduction to how the UK is not going  to be offing quality of life services, like new knees and such, here is a new one about how they are going to drastically Ration Care for Common Children's Conditions

And another somewhat trivial sounding notice about how folks will now be paying 10 Pounds to see their doctor.

We all know how that stuff works though don't we.  Today it will be 10 pounds, and in a couple months, it will be 20.

But apparently, some absolute drooling morons in the Democrat Run Media, and others around the world, think the NHS is far superior to what we have in the USA.  Of course, the USA has the highest survival rates for all types of cancer and the highest percentages of people getting quality of life care like new knees, work on varicose veins, etc etc.
Hey, maybe the people that write these articles are using what health care in America will be like under the obama/pelosi/reid stuffed down our throat - you'll probably need to get by on pain pills once you're 62 - Non-health care plan for comparison purposes.



  1. gosh! the government can't run any enterprise w/ efficiency - can it!!?.

    let's take an example from the UK and NOT give government any more control other than what the original Constitution outlined!!

  2. CS, Yes, for sure. Most of us American bloggers have been pounding on the Health Care thing for about 2 years now.

    But Liberals Had to have it. For the chillllldren. For the uninsured.

    After the multi-trillion private HC industry destroying, national health care creating bill was passed, there will still be as many people not insured as what we started with. Except for young people who simply choose not to buy health insurance. Those folks will be forced into getting it or be fined. The people on the bottom rung will still be screwed and they'll be even more screwed because health care in America will become more sparse in the numbers of HC professionals, and the quality of same over a fairly short period of time.

    Man, I hate liberals. They're just freakin stupid.

  3. The drooling morons in the MSM will learn how lovely the NHS is when they're lying on cots in the hallways, waiting for care as they die.

  4. Hmmm, Maybe I'll go into medicine ... :)

  5. Sad - is it not that the truth of socialized medicine, such as the UK example does little to change the direction we are headed....Mercy - As the truth continues to come out about our Health Care Disaster just in terms of dollars - still the Obama administration presses forward.

  6. I'd say, from experience of both healthcare systems, that the UK's NHS and US private health care offer a similar level of service and care right now. But we in the UK presently pay a lot less for the NHS. The NHS improved steadily under the Labour government and I would happily pay more to keep the service at its current level. I appreciate many others won't feel the same way ..... but I saw the alternative in the US, saw how many people were paying a huge amount to insure their families and many were only insured for emergency treatment. I really don't want that here.............

  7. Cambridge Lady, you pay for it on tax day.

  8. Trestin, I know exactly how much I pay in taxes and national insurance. We have a "professional" income coming in and we pay far far less for the NHS than we paid for private health insurance in the USA. The per capita healthcare expenditure figures are in the public domain - per capita the UK spends less on healthcare than the USA and we get universal healthcare. I accept there is ideological opposition to "socialised" healthcare but it can deliver a good service efficiently.

  9. In support of my previous comment:

  10. I'd rather take an ass beatin' than go European. I'm American.

  11. DeanO, they don't care. They want the free ice cream that's not free.
    They wanted the HC bill so that ALL Americans will be insured. They still support the HC bill even though the folks on the bottom rung will STILL BE Uninsured.

    I think of them as monkeys throwing feces from a cage. Literally.

    This issue has pissed me off beyond recognition.

  12. Gene, Sadly, not for long.

    Unless maybe Michelle Bachmann gets into the White House in 2012.

  13. CabridgeLady, Well, I could write a couple novels on this subject, but in answer to your comment let me just point out that the private HC system in the USA was absolutely fantastic, inexpensive, filled with talented motivated HC professionals - everything you'd want. Then the Democrats, or hell, maybe just 'the Government' sicked the ambulance chasing slime of the legal world onto the health care system and F*ed it up beyond recognition.

    Please use your imagination here.
    One hospital in Texas was spending 100 million per year just defending themselves from medical lawsuits. Not paying out judgments mind you, as they almost always won their cases, but just defending themselves.

    Multiply that by the tens of thousand of hospitals in the USA. Add in the attack on doctors and other HC professionals, and note the immense amount of money that they all put into malpractice insurance, and it's easy to see that these slime lawyers have escalated the cost of health care in the US by many hundreds of percent.

    SO, I agree with you, HC in the US is expensive. The care is still fantastic though. Note any poll shows the vast majority of Americans are 'happy' with their health care.

    But it is a testament to how friggin great it is that most people still say it is a better system than elsewhere.

    Consider that if somone's spouse was killed in a plane crash, they'd get somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 That's it. No appeals, no slime l;awyers banging away on the aircraft and airline industry. Why? Because it would have put them out of business years ago, or the cost of a ticket would be out of reach and the only person flying would be al gore.

    Compare that to a person who is on a medication for severe depression along with millions of others. SHe commits suicide. The drug is taken off the market and some slime lawyer wins a 5 BILLION lawsuit against Pfizer.
    We pay for that. We pay for all of it. Health care could be fixed Instantly by putting a clamp on the F-g lawyers.
    Instead the government will take it over.
    Here's how it will go. It went this way in Canada and it went this way in the UK.
    We will be taxed out the wazoo for the government health care system. The coke addict-like politicians will spend the money on something else. HC will about cease to exist and/or it will be totally lacking in customer service, and eventually, the private health care systems will be allowed to come back, and not only will we still be paying all that extra tax for health care that we no longer can get from the evil dysfunctional entity known as the government, we'll get to pay for it again through private insurers. In the meantime, many people will suffer and die because of national health care in the decades of meantime.

    How about popping in every once in a while and giving us an update on how folks are affected due to teh drastic reductions in care that people get there. I personally know 3 people who have gotten new knees. It was excruciating to try to walk before the operation and now they're doing great. No more of that in the UK. Do you know older folks? That's where it's going to hit. If all you do is observe your young friends and their HC situation, it won't seem bad because they don't need much HC. Though you probably should notice the effect on children pretty easily.

  14. Cambridge Lady. PS - I do find it somewhat shocking that you can somehow see the drastic reduction of services by the NHS as a 'Good Thing', and that you'd be willing to 'Pay More' for it (The reduction of services]

    Do you really feel that way or are you putting us on?

    You can toss all your internet searches and historical data out the window because you're about to enter a new realm of non-health care at higher prices. And your government is so strapped for cash that it's willing to put the major hurt on its citizens to try to slide its way out if its coke addict type liberal spending habits.