Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I See in the 'news' That UK's National Health System is Far Superior to the US Private System

Then I read this excerpt in the UK's Daily Mail:

Although the Government has pledged to defend spending, trusts are preparing for a period of 'unprecedented retrenchment' to make the £20billion savings within four years, he said.
'Already NHS commissioners are drawing up lists of health interventions that must be decommissioned. Cut. Stopped. Not done any more.
'These lists are clothed in the language of evidence but they represent target reductions based on cost and volume, sometimes ignoring the potential benefit to individual patients.

Honestly, the level of propaganda in the 'news' is on par with the crap you read in North Korea.

Yes, Read more you moron supporters of obama's health care system because this is your future.  And we've been telling you this for the last two years - before you cheered the communist democrats taking this major freedom and service away from you.  Yes, Democrats because not a single republican, not even a RINO, voted yes for this Bullshit.
So, years from now, when you can't get healthcare, don't look to whoever might be in the White House and say - It's His Fault! because it's not.  It's obama, pelosi, reid, and all the rest of these bastards who did it to you in 2010.

How did people get so freakin stupid.


  1. Honestly, the level of propaganda in the 'news' is on par with the crap you read in North Korea. ..scary but oh so true!

  2. I've told you. Their head is to keep their ears apart.

  3. Woman, and I meant that in all seriousness. :)

    You can read many samples NK News items here.

    I honestly can't see much difference.

  4. They Say, that sounds too complimentary :)

  5. I wonder this all the time. I try and warn people I know, but they think it does not really matter.

  6. Trestin, all they seem to know anymore is what they want.