Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I swear to God, I Fell Asleep on One Universe and

woke up in another.

The Dems are actually trying to explain obama's unbelievable level of incompetence or evil away by saying he wouldn't allow Bobby Jindal to build sand berms to protect the fragile Louisiana marshlands from the oil that was certain to arrive because they had to do an environmental study of the effect of the berms first.

That's exactly like saying to the doctor who is about to treat you for a Heart Attack that is happening right now, that you want to go out and get a 2nd opinion and you'll come back in a week. It's exactly like that.

I can understand your typical drooling liberal with one had in their pants, and their eyes rolling around in their sockets to spout something like this, but this is the Dem 'leadership'.

Then they don't want to drill anywhere off shore, even the vast fields in shallow water that they are trying to claim don't exist anymore or worse yet, have already been tapped. And we know they don't want to open up any more oil fields on land either.

But there is no plan and no alternative to getting people, products, and everything else in motion in the USA for the next several decades without gasoline, diesel, jet fuel.

That's Exactly like quitting your job before you have another one in an environment like today where there is a realistic 23% or so unemployment. Hell, it's even worse than that.

Speaking of which, given that the Dept of Energy's mandate is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and we have now eliminated All possibility of doing this (leaving aside the fact that they've only made Negative progress over the last 40 years anyway), it's time this department is closed because there is nothing for them left to even pretend they do.

The level of mis-information coming from this administration and it's drooling media whores is on Par with the crap that is printed in North Korea for its citizens. It's Exactly like that.

One NK story I remember is that they tell their citizens that there is a 100 foot tall cement wall, 90 feet thick at the border with S. Korea and that's why no food can get to them.

Or how about Dear Leader Kimmy shooting 11 holes in one his first time out to play golf.

How's that any different from obama claiming there is no offshore oil in shallow water or that he and his staff have been on this from day one and have done everything possible? It's not !



  1. Yup, Kid, we are in the twilight zone.
    I've adjusted to just knowing everything obummer says is a lie. He's like opposite guy, just listen and assume the opposite. It makes perfect sense then.

  2. Dem leadership is as bad as anything. Remember NONE of them stepped away from the Obama agenda in 2009, when we needed them. NONE. They are ALL radical leftists.

  3. Opus, that's a fact. They are all heartless whores.

  4. Bunni, He hasn't said anything (that anyone with even one brain cell left would believe) or done anything the entire time that I have not vehemently disagreed with.

    He hates America, and its citizens.

  5. and didn't the epa say they couldn't use the dispersant because it had a toxicity level of 1? mindboggling

  6. labcat. Yea, it's all offhanded BS to the sheeple while they profit from the catastrophe.

  7. It is crazy how much damage has been done in a little over 18 months. It may be irreparable.

  8. Admiral, we're going to need a bunch of folks with brains and guts.