Tuesday, June 29, 2010

These Climate People Need to be Put Into Slavery In countries with Few Resources and a Critical Need for Power....


At risk is about $600 million in equipment sales for Bucyrus, of South Milwaukee. Without the loan guarantees, for an Indian power plant developer, Bucyrus says it will lose the equipment order and up to 1,000 U.S. jobs will be in jeopardy.

The Export-Import Bank denied the loan guarantees because it did not want to finance a fossil fuel project that would harm the environment.

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I realize this is a bit of a stretch at this early hour in this latest massive ignorance event called global climate change, but wars have almost always been started over resources.

Make it difficult or unnecessarily expensive for countries who look to other more technologically advanced countries to supply methods/construction/equipment of power generation and there could be hell to pay.

For any of those countries reading this, may I respectfully suggest you take out the U.N. First ? After that, I'd call open season on anyone driving a Prius, or a VW Bug with flower decals on it, and extra points are awarded for those in vehicles proudly displaying the Obama bumper sticker. Match up a Prius or a VW with Flowers And an O sticker and save a dollar on your next box of ammo.

Having executed this task, I'd say it would only be about 6 months before your country was flooded with super efficient fossil fuel powered power plants, delivering that sweet electricity to your Air Conditioning, Entertainment and Work Saving devices by a country returned to its former glory of common sense capitalist excellence, the United States of America, Now Flooded with capitalist pig conservative voters and politicians.


  1. Well done - good word smithing

  2. Your right Kid the U.N. should go first.

  3. Trestin, I think that possibly without the UN to lean on, some countries would get on with it.

    Like cutting off welfare payments.