Wednesday, June 2, 2010

But Guns Are Illegal in England.

This Can't be possible !!

For the people of west Cumbria, the events of today will be almost impossible to comprehend. In this part of north west England, shootings are rare and major crime is almost unheard of.


  1. So sad. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Especially bad guys who don't care about gun laws. Only the law-abiding are disarmed.

  2. I lived in that area when I was a younger man for about six months and the people there are genuinely nice and peaceful.

    What Opus #6 said - It's about bad people, not firearms. If the people of Cumbria had concealed carry laws, the murderer wouldn't have racked up 11 killed quite so easily.

  3. Hi Kid, this is an awful occurrence. If law abiding people were allowed to carry guns, they could have stopped this madman a whole lot sooner.

  4. To All - It's blindingly obvious isn't it ?

    Where has mass murder happened in the USA over at least the last two decades ? Gun Free Zones !

    LL - I lived in North Hampton for 9 months. The people are wonderful.

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  6. It's in areas of high gun control that these massacres almost always occur. All gun control does is leave the victims helpless.

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  8. I withdrew my earlier comments because I was disappointed in myself for trying to make political points following such an awful tragedy. You are all entitled to your opinion about guns ..... can't see I'm ever going to change your minds .......

  9. One loon can kill so many. It is tragic.

  10. CambridgeLady, I am emailed comments when they are made of course, and I don't see any reason for you to have deleted yours. FWIW

    Things are different in the USA than England, and it's the people not the gun laws that are the problem.

    Remember also that the right to bear arms also allows us to protect ourselves from our own government who look upon us like a herd of freakin sheep or maybe a cattle ranch where we all are even less important than the cattle on a cattle ranch.

    Russia disarmed its citizens after WWII and Stalin proceeded to murder 20 million of them. There are many similar examples. Being disarmed is never a good thing.

    In any case, times when someone needs a gun are rare. Some policemen spend an entire career and never pull their weapon.
    The vast majority of citizens in the US will never be car-jacked, home invaded, raped, or otherwise abused to the point that their using a gun would be justified.

    But if one is in a situation where a gun, used in self defense when they believe they or a person in their company's life is in danger, is needed, the only thing that will do them any good is a gun.

    The USA compared to England has some seriously screwed up people. Muslims aside.

    Only .02% of Conceal carry holders in the US are held responsible for using their gun when they shouldn't have or as a criminal. That's an Extremely small number/percentile or persons. Totally acceptable risk for the benefit.

    I say again, mass murder happens in the USA in Gun Free Zones.

    Having a few people in University or that McDonalds, where an individual holds people hostage and shoots them at their leisure, while SWAT team members are outside hiding behind trees (In the Virginia Tech case) leads me to believe the authorities are useless even if they are on hand which they Never are.

    University students in UTAH are allowed to carry guns in school with the CC permit. Let me know the next time a mass murder happens in a Utah University.

    And the Wild Wild West saw very little murder. The Murderers are all pretty much Famous. Infamous actually - because their were so few. Billy the Kid and some others. Far less citizen on citizen crime because everyone pretty much was armed.

    And now for my famous line that I'll probably type another 8 million times....
    40 years of the war on drugs and they can't keep a 13 year old from getting crystal meth or crack on the street 8 days a week, and I'm supposed to believe criminals can be disarmed ?!?!?

  11. Trestin. It seems so obvious doesn't it.

    Once again proving that Liberals can block all information out of their mind that opposes whatever it is they 'want reality to be'.