Sunday, June 20, 2010

The "News", June 20, 2010


  1. This oil spill seems to have woken the MSN from their Obama coma.

  2. I think there are still too many Obama bumperstickers on the road.
    The brain dead still adore him.

    Happy Father's Day :-)

  3. I love your captions. I feel like we just sat through a news show together.

  4. Trestin, I believe a good number of people are waking up.

    I do think a lot of young obama voters were like the young girl in the office at work.

    She listened to the debates and put a lot of thought into what each of them had to say. She felt obama made the most sense. She felt she 'did her homework' on the election. She now sees that it was all BS.

    She's a potential turnaround without any prodding from me. As far as people at work go, I don't give advice unless they ask for it, but I did confirm her suspicion that it's all BS.

  5. Pierro, Yes, I hear them on the radio too. They have endless get out of jail free cards for obama.
    I hope it's the minority now.

  6. Opus, now that's a compliment. Thank you.

    And I feel closer to you already. Would you like some popcorn? ;-)

  7. Pierro, Excuse my rudeness. Thank you and I hope Father's Day at your place will be a great one.

    It's going to be over 100 today with the humidity heat index. Which means swimming in the pool today !

    Later on, it's filet mignon on the grill with asparagus and bernaise sauce, and whatever else my wife adds from the kitchen which is always good.

    BonkBonks !

  8. Hi Kid! That news chart was cool.
    You sound like you're going to have the funnest
    Father's Day, and complete with a pool!
    Enjoy the day and have a lovely

  9. Bunni, it was a good day ;-)

    The pool was perfect.

    Thank you, and I hope yours was all smiles too.