Thursday, April 11, 2019

They're Even Screwing Up Dating !

It is reported that the number of jobless claims was below 200,000, the lowest number since some specific day and month in 1969.  Of course, 1 is the loneliest number...

Anyway, this is a high point, meaning it can't stay this way forever.  It might last weeks, months, or even years, but it will Not last forever.  The unemployment number will once again climb.  How does this realte to dating.

Well, this brings me to the man/woman relationship situation. I read where the number of STD's is very high, maybe the highest, so we can easily assume lots of men and women are having lots of sex(or men and men and women and women?).   At some point though - as a direct result of the metoo movement, men are going to begin to adopt a very cautious stance regards engaging women romantically.   Personally, If I were single and in the dating scene, I'd be leaning toward not trusting a single female to not have designs on screwing me financially.  I'd actually be talking to lawyers about it in terms of protecting myself.

I think this environment finds itself more than less resulting in men not being interested in engaging romantically with women. And no, forget the homosexual rabbit hole I just opened up.  I'm not talking about men being homos, I'm talking about men who don't trust women to the point that they may even start investing in Japanese companies who are fervently working on creating realistic female sex robots.  It's already happening in Japan.  Men take their Nintendo DS 'girlfriend' to a hotel and even book a double occupancy room.

Personally, I think the Earth itself is causing this to happen, as George Carlin Explains in this educational video ........


  1. At least Carlin makes sense; something that no one in the Democratic Party has done since Andrew Jackson.

    1. Possibly, Mustang, but Andrew Jackson was not only a virulent RACIST, he was also an inherntly VIOLENT man who was a brutal, particularly cruel MASS MURDERER.

      Jackson was our first "COMMON" president, –– coarse and uncultured –– a true VULGARIAN –– and frankly one could argue that the USA –– as envisioned and designed by our Founding Fathers, none of whom could possibly be described as "COMMON" –– has been going downhill ever since he got elected.

      I do agree, however. that much as I loathe his gratuitously vulgar, pointedly profane style Carlin in this vide reveals himself to be extraordinarly intelligent, highly articulate, and dead on target about the environmentalcase movement.

      I share his contempt for the ARROGANCE and SELF-IMPORTANCE for the segment of humanity that has taken it upon itself to try to play God and control Mother Nature.

      What I did NOT hear in Carlin's brilliant, potty-mouthed diatribe was any sense of acknowledgement, or even awareness, that the Envrinentalcase Movement is, and always yas been, a LEFTIST initiative whose true motive has always been to seize increasingly DICTATRORIAL POWER forr an increangly CENTRALIZED-EVENTUALLY UNIFIED WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    2. He does very thought out presentations Mustang.

    3. May I take it you did not buy my opinion of Old Hickory and the "carefully thought out analysis" of Carlin's style
      and the implications that followed?


    4. Franco, no his distaste for an agenda based environmental protection plan was there, it was just softened behind some humor and alternate views of what we should really be worried about. imo

  2. Ain't it the truth. So glad I grew up when I did. I love this Carlin video, but he was right just a few more times than a stopped clock. Still a better batting average than the dem party, I will grant you Mustang.

    1. RIGHT ON!

      I love the stopped clock simile. ;-)

      When someone's right, they're RIGHT no matter what their background or general poltical orienetation might be.

      All people who like to think of themselves as decent need to recognize and acknowledge that.


    2. Yes sir, Mr Blade. Imagine today as a young single hormone filled good looking fella as we both were, er I mean Are, what do these kids have to choose from these days?
      The one with the:
      -bright red hair and who knows what else
      -bright neon green hair and who knows what else
      -multi-colored who knows what hair and who knows what else
      -normal hair but with a body that looks like the innerds of a comic book
      -fat chick
      -all of the above.
      -normal good looking but is a gold digger
      -normal, smart, no tats, hot, conservative, and adventurous - Dude, she's Married !

    3. I'd still be chick shopping in church instead of bars.
      I've done both. Odds are better in church.

    4. Ed, Point taken. I'd never look in bars at this point, but honestly, my trust level is down several notches anywhere. Chicks are devious and Churches are favored hunting grounds to some.

    5. Some mega churches have become meat markets. Seen it.

    6. Young Women today suffer a severe case of FOBO. Couple that with an insane corporate-capitalist culture which exploits our genetically determined cultural preference for hypergamy and provides an ever diminishing supply of available executive positions at the top of the social hierarchy as corporation buyout and mergers with one another.... and "WaLA!", a diminishing marriage rate AND middle class in which fewer and fewer males rise to the top, and women stop looking for partners, forgo children, and attempt to "make it on their own" in the "business world". We're now living in corporate-capitalist Clown World. We need to get back to a small business friendly non-corporate capitalist economy where ever more numbers of males can rise to a lowered "top" of the non-corporate-based capitalist pyramid where more males are suitable and hypergamously-attractive mates.

    7. FJ, I like Peterson. As far as male/female interaction goes I think this hot/crazy matrix is a more easy to understand explanation. It's a bit crude but this is what is mostly going on I think.

      I just looked at the Clown World thing, haha yea.

      Looking at the males who are out there, I just don't think many of them are attractive to females. Females want strength, not some skinny guy with green hair and a man bun.


    George Carlin’s Daughter Says Her Dad Would Consider Trump A Misogynistic Racist>

    Would your father support him? “Oh, God no. No, no, no, no, no.”

    HuffPo (2016)

    by Tyler Kingkade

    Kelly Carlin says her deceased father would definitely not support Donald Trump.

    George Carlin would definitely consider "alleged billionaire" and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump a misogynist and a racist, the late comedy legend’s daughter insists.

    Kelly Carlin made the comment during an interview with comedian Karith Foster, who is working with the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education, that was posted as a podcast and a video on Thursday. Foster was speaking with the daughters of George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce about the state of comedy today and censorship.

    During the conversation, Kelly Carlin described how her father believed that it was his job in comedy to find the line and to cross it, but there aren’t a lot of lines left to cross today. “So, therefore, we get someone like Donald Trump running for president,” she said.

    After explaining her theory about how political correctness develops ― that it comes from a good place but is “not good for democracy in the end” ― Carlin said: “This is why we got Trump. He’s not politically correct. It is refreshing. He says what’s on his mind. It’s not pleasant to listen to, but this is America and politicians don’t speak.”

    In that case, Foster asked if Carlin thought her father would support Trump?

    “Oh, God no. No, no, no, no, no,” Carlin responded. “My dad would see him for who he really is, which is misogynistic, and racist, and all that kind of stuff. I mean he, he’d love the freak show of it all because – it is a real freak show. He loved the freak show aspect of American politics.

    “But, my dad didn’t vote,” Carlin continued. “He stopped voting in ’72 when McGovern broke his heart. You know, he’d be a San.. he’d love Bernie Sanders. My dad was very progressive. You know, so, but that’s, that’s my take on it. It’s an interesting mixing of progressive ideals with fascist tactics and political incorrectness in general.”

    Watch the full interview in the video below: ...


    That's the Huffngtoti Post, so you can take it for whatever you think it may be worth.

    I, personally, have always believed, despite his sometime, no-nonsense, apparently LIBERTARIAN pronouncements, that Carlin's grubby, sweaty, overall appearance, –– especially his greasy, desperately unattrstive PONYTAIL ––, his body language and his OUTRAGEOUSLY PROVOCATIVE verbal style mrked him as a quintessential LEFTtST.

    Sorry, be he always ;ooked as though he must have SMELLED BAD.

    I am almost positve, c9nsiderimg his New York-Irish-Cath9lc backgro8d that Carlin never ONCE voted for a Republican in his 71-year-old life. His demeanor and bearing was the absolute ANTITHESS f anyth8g I could recognize as "Conservatve."


    To put it more sedately in regrettably atiquated terms, "I didn't like the cut of hs jib."

    1. Franco, I sense that on the one hand Carlin was liberal, but on the other hand, like Malcolm X, he had no use for either political party. I think the Conservatives are the new liberals, the left wholly populated by progressives(retards) and communists. They'd kill 20 million of us and sleep like babies.

    2. The names may get exchanged now and then, but the identities remain the same.

  4. I think Carlin might have loved Trump....for his oddness, his refreshing speech, etc....I think the Left then is a LOT DIFFERENT than the ridiculously stupid liberals today.

    1. Z, that thought has been bouncing around in my bean for a while. If Carlin was smart enough to realize that he and his family committed themselves to trying to fix America (fact), he may have been a big fan. I just don't know if his thinking would have made that leap. I do think he was smart enough. Check that short Vid I linked for Bunk below. It is what has been and still is happening in America.

  5. I heard George Carlin back in the '70s in NYC... it had to be the filthiest program I ever heard, by the time it was over, I needed a shower. .After that I never could get with it and his humor. Whatever his refreshing speech, it wasn't on that night. Maybe it was one of his druggie nights, who knows.. My thought... :)

    1. Bunk, Yes, earlier on, Carlin was doing that banned 7 words type of stuff. As he aged I think he took on more analytical stuff about the human condition. Such as this one on what is going on in our society. A little language. Maybe he was a big Lenny Bruce fan.