Thursday, April 25, 2019

An Alternate View to Immigration

At the speculative 50,000 foot level....

Base camp information:  a birth rate below 1.9 children per family guarantees economic and cultural destruction.  The EU countries are below that and America is also below that level...

So, we know that the federal government has totally screwed the American taxpayer starting with killing JFK and then with LBJ stealing the Social Security funds to buy black voters.  In addition, they've allowed Medicare $ to be stolen at the rate of 50 % of that money being fraud (the feds are profiting from this there can be no doubt)

We know that Congress is more incompetent than a dead squirrel and completely focused on self-enrichment.

I read that Medicare will be insolvent in 7 years and social security by 2035.  These useless bastards have kicked the can down the road to the point there ain't no more road.

What do we see going on in America relative to this 'problem'?

Well, just like the EU countries who experienced their 'end of road' situation much earlier than the USA because those socialist countries have economic systems that would make a Gila Monster eat its own puke to survive, they are "forced" to import all manner of human garbage in the hopes that the garbage will magically transform into tax paying, mostly law abiding, economy enhancing integrated citizens.

They couldn't be more wrong.  The stupid bastards, including the USA are importing a majority of welfare queens who have no intention of assimilating into American culture.  They are focused on getting everything for free and eventually transforming America into another islamic sharia shithole.  And it will happen as soon as the aliens, immigrants, and shit for brains kids become the majority. That isn't far off when garbage like clinton got 49% of the vote in 2016.

It's a catch 22.  Stop immigration and watch our soon to be economic collapse or hope enough of these imported people pay taxes and keep our system alive.  Doubtful in any case. Most or enough of them are on welfare that the overall contribution to our programs is either negative or worthless.
Also, the illegals are shipping 66 billion a year back to their home countries.  First off - so why can't they pay their own way, and second, why are we allowing this?

Final thought - If the feds didn't want this to be happening, it would not be happening.  Try not paying your taxes and see how lenient and incompetent the feds are with things they are interested in.

Whaddya Think?


  1. I think I hope you're TOTALLY WRONG.

    but you aren't....($*&#$(*&8973 bY THE WAY, what do you mean by " federal government has totally screwed the American taxpayer starting with killing JFK"?

    1. Z, Specific to this story line, after they killed JFK, America was put on the path to the conversion to communism and specifically - LBJ took Social Security out of its promised (at time of creation) and put the $ into the general fund where these bastards could use it for anything as well as steal it. Today, government has not dealt with that crime of LBJ's or come up with a way to make Social Security healthy again so that it could survive for Americans. Therefore they now proclaim it will be dead by 2035. They fucked American's once again and don't even feel guilty about it. No, they actually print ENTITLEMENT on Social security checks. Well, fuck them, I've been paying into MY federal retirement plan since I'm 15. It's MY Money, not an entitlement. For the illegal aliens and others they dole the money out to, its an entitlement, but not to me and so many more Americans who allowed the goverment to deduct deposit payments from their paychecks into a Lockbox Retirement Account With Their Name On It. Look at the original legislation and that is what it says. A mere couple decades from when it is created and LBJ comes along and CANCELS THE CONTRACT. Contract Law is the basis for a free just Republic. Hey did a doc appt today. Blood Pressure-122 over 63. I wonder if it's higher now. Naw.....

    2. LBJ took Social Security out of its promised LOCKBOX (at time of creation)

  2. Well, I think you’re right. When you consider the number of people “invested” in social welfare programs, national educational programs —by which I mean to say, are making a hell of a lot of money as clerks within these bureaucracies— you can rest assured that they’ll do everything they can to resist any attack on these programs. Think about it, if there was no illegal immigration, what would the border patrol have to do? Ever wonder how these dumb-ass illegals from South Guatemala know precisely how to get into the USA undetected? You think perhaps it is only the coyotes who know these secrets, such as where the Border Patrol will be on any given day between the hours of X and Y?

    What does disturb me is that you would equate Congress to dead squirrels, as if dead squirrels have no useful purpose. I must protest.

    1. Great Points Mustang and they ring very true to reality.

      And also true, I'd eat a dead squirrel long before I'd eat a dead politician.

  3. I think a lot of things.
    And I'm disturbed by it.
    I hate to think those thoughts.

    1. Ed, Is that Haiku?
      I don't think many thoughts I hat to think these days. Life is too short my friend.

  4. I needed to go to the Social Security office in Florida a couple of times several years ago.... hundreds of whatever trying to get on disability in just one day....SSI....then in two years Medicare kicks in.... and they sure didn't look like me....

    1. Bunk, SSI fraud is Massive.

    2. These resources re not there for real AMERICANS, Bunkerville.

  5. Please let's not blme the "MIGRANTS." They are as much victims of the machinations of EVIL power-mad politicians as we.

    The blame lies squarely in the laps of the DemonRats ––and their globalist puppet masters such as George Soros.

    Do I HAVE to tell you WHY?

    Lor,d I hope not. Iy's so painfully OBVIOUS.