Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I Bring You The Secret Info - Green New Deal...

For 24.95 (+35.00 tax), I was able to procure a full and complete copy of the Green New Deal in PDF, 3025.4 pages, double spaced in Times New Roman 16 pt bold font.

What has yet to be announced and that I've gleaned from the fine print and some handwritten notes follows.  It's kinda scary.


AOC dicates that:

- Each country will cull a minimum of 25% of their populations over the next 10 years, focusing on the big energy user and tippy top people.  The wealth of the tippy top people will be confiscated and redistributed.

A general effect of the culling can be maximized if the highest culling is among the male population, The effects will be greater because it is a fact that females neither fart nor poop and if they do, then only robin's egg sized things once or twice per year. Also the women will have a larger selection of potential mates (or torture victims), whatever the case my be.
(AOC Note - Also by culling off the white males, there will be much less White Supremacy, X-phobias, racism, and sexual assaults !)

- Every home, workplace, and public place, and every pasture will be fitted with a sufficient number of FPC's  (Fart Processing Collectors).  These will be even more plentiful than electric charging stations.  Everyone including the cows will be trained to back up to one of these when the need arises and deposit the offending gas into a lubricated tube where it will be vacuumed into chambers deep underground, compressed, transferred to rockets and sent to the sun as the containers reach capacity.  
Laws concerning indecent exposure will be amended to exclude this activity as it occurs in public places such as at table side in restaurants, etc.  Also this practice gets the population ready for what the government has planned for them next.  Be happy that you're being lubricated....
Folks in attendance who fail to assist in the insertion of the lubricated collector tube will be subject to a $1000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

- CO2 will be processed similarly but will be just sucked right out of the air and locked safely away.
(AOC - When all the CO2 is gone, all the plants will die and the Vegans will have nothing to eat...  Rethink possible on this one. (Like, you know, like what... right?)

- All white males in existence will be steralized, then steralization upon upon birth mandatory if necessary.  A mother may decide a male child is a female trapped in a male body and in great suffering and a transition operation can then occur immediately before the white supremacist even knows what hit him.  Fathers continue to have no say over a woman's body.  (Handwritten note from AOC - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)
There is much more but do you really want to read it?


  1. Kid! HERE is an antidote to GREEN DEAL STUPIDITY you will like since you are so right in suggesting that it's the good, Western countries not reproducing: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/hungary-axes-income-tax-women-4-or-more-kids-n969936

    And GREAT BLOG...although it was hard to see a little pic of AOC, followed by a larger one, then an even LARGER ONE! (please don't DO that :-))

    1. Z, LOL ! Yes, I've seen that Hungarian thing but thanks too and also.

  2. Man I thought the flashbacks were finally arriving.
    You write like Dali painted.
    Only it is real.
    Isn't it?

  3. I can't stand the sight of this mouthy, arrogant, bug-eyed, buck-toothed, air headed little bitch.

    What I DON'T understand is why anyone as manifestly SILLY as she gets so much press coverage.

    Again it reflects very poorly on the intelligence of the general public that such a hare-brained figure has gained any credbiity at all.
    The same must be said "BETO" O'ROURKE –– ANOTHER Media Monster who's being PUSHED on us by the ENEMEDIA and God only knows who else.

    President Trump is right. The MEDIA really IS The Enemy of the People, but so are the EducRats and of course the Demo-RINOCRAT coition..

    1. Franco, the media's main job is to incite people, so when you have a moron (AOC) and several serious mouthy POSs, (maxine, shiff, schumer, pelosi, omar, the other moslem bitch), many more - That's who you're going to see in 'the news'.

      I pass on all those stories, I'm checked out on their evil. Nothing for me to learn there.

    2. That's probably true, Kid, but the medua's main job OUGHT to be ti INFIRM people with FACtS an fair-minded deductions. It should NOT be to INCITE people. That it has gotten that way is another stain on our ever deteriorating national character.

      Much of this is to blame directly on the 1965 immigration Act which was deliberately designed to change the Face of the Nation by making sure that Caucasian Christians of British and European ancestry would be in the MINORITY in a generation or two.

      But long before that, when the so-called "PROGRESSIVES" began to take over in the early days of the 20th-century, the notion that we should eventually cede our national sovereignty to a One World Government took root. Its facile appeal to childish notios of "Fairness" and "Equality" have dne incalculable harm from which we may never recover.

      I think we have to blame the Industrial revolution for bringing out the terrible COLLECTIVIST-COMMUNTARIAN ideas of Hegel and Marx.

      Th;ere's no going back, of course, but I like to believe we STILL have at least a CHANCE of moving FORWARD with greater awareness of the dangers of Leftist ideology.

      PROPER education based on a true knowledge of our history and a heightened awareness of REALITY would be our last best hope to regain at least SOME of what we've THROWN AWAY out of ignorance and the result of decades of brainwashing by Cultural Marxists who tever-so gradually took over Entertainment, Public Communication, Education, The Law and now play a dominant role in our Politics.

      Regaining our unique American culture and sa proper sense of our national identity won't be easy, but we must at least TRY.

    3. Franco, the media hasn't been interested in reporting facts since Clark Kent was your man on the street. And maybe not even then. Globalization? My theory is that American politicians and other useful idiots are being paid big bucks to steer the sheep farm (America) in that direction.

  4. What is everybody talking about? I don't view you blog as a joke, or even fiction. Genocide has always been a top priority of so-called environmentalists. Maniac vegans have always railed against methane events from ANY animal, including humans. As you point out, if all the CO2 in the atmosphere is taken away, all life on earth will die quickly.

    There's no way I an going to call your writing a joke. It is just an outline for what the left really wants to do. No joke!

    1. Thanks Bob ! Actually, I Was thinking of those progressives that have been around a long time harping about population control. Personally I have no doubt AOC would support millions upon million being killed in order to 'save the planet'. But I like to put a dry smile on it at least. :)

      My inspiration always comes from real life and characters. Thanks for the mention.

      PS - Siberia has many large deposits of frozen methane that regularly explode leaving what looks like a crater form a large bomb. Ditto the ocean floor of the Bermuda triangle, and these huge bubble coming up from the bottom underneath a ship is a plausible explanation for ships being 'swallowed' by the ocean. Mythbusters also did an experiment with an actual Avenger radial engine and found that 1% methane to the intake would shut the engine down.

  5. Amazing! Dopey, Gropey old Joe Biden is the smartest of the Donkeys right now.

    1. Agent 54, Darn right. Saw a graphic today clearly showing how Biden is a POS but still above the rest of those who have declared. Yea, think about that ! :)

  6. I had no idea this green deal thingy made so much sense. I'm completely on board now. Thank you mister kid sir. Please read more!!!

    1. Mr Blade, You'll be glad to know I got an email from AOC today promising to send me her addendum of actions to take if the Green Deal isn't working as planned. Stay Tuned !