Monday, April 8, 2019

Diamonds for Everyone !

Imagine if the Earth was in the middle of this hot mess.  How could you sleep ?

Anyhoo, enjoy the field of diamonds.

Then enjoy the Fields of Gold, played by our friend Tommy Emmanuel.


  1. Adrienne, A lifetime of shiny objects is yours but for the asking. I dare not reveal more. :-)

  2. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," right?


    More like "The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of the Lord" from Haydn's The Creation, I think.

    1. Franco, how anyone could think the universe is some giant accident or random event is beyond me.

    2. Thank you for that, Kid. "Scientists" –– and recalcitrant, anti-social idividuals who want to reject Authorty, and the idea of Ultimate Accountability and Personal Responsibility for our actions have been trying since the mid-1800's at least to "disprove" the existence of God using "purely rational" means.

      Even if we go back as far as the theoretical Big Bang and accept that as "true," no one has yet come up with any kind of plausible explanation as to the Origin of Spce, Time, Matter and how the Elements were formed, where the Energy for the Big Bang could have originated, and what it could have been that produced what-we-call LIFE?

      Obviously CREATION exists. The logical question to ask then would be "How could Creation exist if it weren't for the existence of a CREATOR? Logic again would insist we accept that much, but then we have to ask "WHO or WHAT is the CREATOR?

      I do believe in Evolution, but that HAD to be set in motion by "Someone," or Something" didn't it?

      The Aggresive Atheist crowd can't answer those basic questions, so they dont try. All they can do is try to DERIDE and try to DISMISS those who ask them.

      Just becuse Reality is much too vast and too complex for even the brightest human minds to grasp fully doesn't mean that Reality does not exist, right?

      The same must certainly be true of Almighty God.

      "Life is a Mystery to be Lived –– not a Problem to be Solved."

    3. Franco, I believe in Micr-evolution, but not Macro. I sure as hell don't believe all creatures came from amphibious fish that grew legs and walked out of the ocean nor do I believe man descended from apes, though man may be turning into apes.

  3. Tommy is never less than wonderful, but I lk him best when he's strictly on his own.

    The word SOLOIST must have been coined to describe him.

    Tommy is a VERY bright star in the firmament –– really a whole GALAXY all by himself.

    1. Franco, Tommy was given a gift. One that needed a lot of work on his part and as he says - he was willing to do the work. Been at it over 50 years. When he was playing Cincinnati, every concert was better than the last.

    2. I too was given a GIFT, Kid –– several in fact, but MUSIC has always meant more to me than anything else. I was most attracted to what-is-called "Classical Music" from an early age, but certainly enjoyed the popular music of my parents' time and the juke box hits of my childhood, which we heard all the time in restaurants, on our car radio and our on record player. At the same time, I also knew instinctively that "popular music" was just for casual Fun and Party Times, while Classical Music gave me a Reason for Wanting to Stay Alive –– no matter what.

      I can't think of another way to put it, Kid. Popular Music is and always has been subject to the whims of fickle FASHION, but Classical Music remains eternally significant to those who are blest to find it fascinating, inspiring and compelling.

      ANYWAY, I do have a genuine talent for music. It has been my chosen Field, and I've had very good training since early childhood. I worked VERY hard o develop the necessary skills to play the works of Bach, Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Rachmaninoff and Prokofieff.

      I believe you listened to the Beethoven sonata recording made a year ago to celebrate my 77th birthday. Whether you really enjoyed it or not, I've been told by people who KNOW that it is very good playing.

      OKAY! GREAT!

      BUT, even though I put my heart ands soul into practicing several hours a day from age nine onward, and went to the finest schools in New York for advancd musical study, I have NEVER been able to develop ENOUGH to be considered "WorldClass".

      It takes a great deal MORE than hard wrok and good luck for that to happen.

      I am also a capable composer who has written some very good music, –– mostly for the Church, but I've also WRITTEN and PRODUCED musical shows. and numerous Art Songs But AGAIN I dare make no claim to rival any of the truly greats.

      I've had to settle fr being merely "GOOD." I realized a long time ago that I have never had it in me to be "GREAT."

      I doesn't matter. I've been very happy just to do the best i could in a field I love more than I could possibly say.

      One blessing from ll my years of rigorous training is that I DO have the capacity to recognize "GREATNESS" when I hear it, and our friend Tommy Emmannuel HAS that capacity as surely as Mozart and the others did, despite his not being a "classical" guitarist. Several of the Jazz greats had this innate abiity too.

    3. Some have that something extra Franco. You likely don't care for the tunes, bt Stevie Ray Vaughn had that something extra. Great guitar plays say Stevie was not of this world. Clapton said of Stevie 'All great guitar players get lost on occasion but not Stevie, he was an open channel.'