Saturday, April 6, 2019

Medicare For All

England has had it long time.  It's called NHS - National Health Service and it has been touted worldwide as the pinnacle? of health care.  It SUCKS.  Canada Single Payer Sucks too.  All Single Payer Heath Care Sucks because there isn't enough money in the world.

New data shows Britain’s version of ‘Medicare for all’ continues to collapse with wait times for care reaching more than NINE months..

And Hey, if you're over 70, forget getting health care.

And you want the government to control your access to health care...

How about THIS !  88 Billion borrowed by Americans to get Health Care and the vast majority had Health Insurance !!

In 1968, I had a broken left leg, crushed in 2 places, broken in 2 more and a broken ankle. 45 days in hospital with all that entails, 120 shots of morphine, 2 orthepedic surgeries, total cost $1,800.00 !  Word.

Get a clue !


  1. You’re right.

    A friend of ours has been experiencing severe indigestion for a year. She’s been to the NHS doc’s about five times. They did tests. No problem, ma’am. Drink more water.

    Husband finally decided to take her to a private doc. She has stage four stomach cancer. It has spread. Not operable. Oh, they’re still stringing her along, of course. It’s what doctors do. She’s angry. She ought to be angry. For all her life, the British government has promised her free quality medical care. They lied, and she’s dying.

    The word for this is criminal malfeasance. I wish the British people would fix their problem, but by now, you just hear the sound of Baa Baa from the population. There’s another lesson to be learned from this: if you get free legal advice, how much is it really worth? If you get free medical care ... how much is that worth?

    And by the way, as you’ve said ... this is the place where the Democrats want to take Mr. & Mrs. America. Of course, most Democratic politicians are filthy rich, so it won’t matter to them.

    Bastards. (French word meaning ... never mind.)

    1. Mustang, I would simply advise anyone curious about this subject to plug "Problems with NHS" into their favorite search engine. The resulting output really is shocking.

      And if the US does this? I would suggest changing your voting preference to Democrat because if you're a registered Rebub, you ain't getting shit as a senior.

    2. I’m not a senior. I just turned 39 again.

  2. wait times for care reaching more than NINE months..

    How about even having a doctor? They don't grow on trees and if you're on medicare your chances of actually having a doctor are almost zero. Ask me how I know...

    1. Adrienne, some folks have told about having a doctor on retainer. Bunch of folks who pay a doctor a regular fee then have quick access. There's a name for it that escapes me at the moment and it's more common than one would think. I'd say that's the way to go. I think Trump will improves he HC situation but as long as it remains in the feds hands it will be subject to massive corruption and incompetence. Think VA.

      SO- How do you know !

      Hey, a retiree lady who joins our lunch group on occasion had that operation where they fuse a couple vertebre in the neck together. (I know of at least 5 ladies who have had this in the last couple years!) Anyway, the surgery was almost outpatient, but she spent one night in hospital and they billed medicare 100,000 for this. She also had a situation where she had to go to hospital for a shot. She was there 5 minutes and medicare was billed 4,300.00 ! Holy !

    2. Adrienne, There are too many stories to tell here, but here's one... Doctors in the UK are quitting and getting employed as shelf re-stockers in supermarkets because it pays more !
      Yikers !

    3. It's called concierge medicine, Kid. Here's the deal - when you reach 65 you have no choice and must sign up for Medicare. We pay every month over $100.00 plus another amount for Blue Cross/Shield HMO. A concierge service would probably cost another $100.00 - $200.00 - that is if a concierge doc would let you sign up. It's a mess.

    4. Adrienne, We're on Part A only so far, as we're still on Mad's Costco Ins. I plan to work another 3-4 years so Part B will be delayed. Maybe DJT will have it fixed by then.

      I read the other day that American's borrowed 88 billion last year for medical costs and the vast majority had health ins. Damn, they got it Fubared.

  3. Mustang, how horrible...I'm so sorry for your friend and her husband! My Sis lived in Canada and LOVED the health get physical therapy as long as you want it, you get everything free....but don't get REAL SICK, then you wait and wait and wait.

    I believe it's COSTS, like you say about your own awful time in the hospital comparing costs then and today!!....but CAN we get costs down or has that ship sailed? I don't know. I just know Medicare for all IS COMING...sooner or later. stupid, stupid, stupid.

  4. IF the world really become totally dominated by Marxian dialectics, –– as it currently seems wont to do DAMMIT! –– then DYING YOUNG becomes the MOST ATTRACTIVE ALTERNATIVE.

    Only a lunatic would be glad to spend his life in a GULAG.

    I m already pretty old. I turn SEVENTY-EIGHT this coming Thursday. Id o hope to reach my eightieth birthday, but after that –– at the rate things seems to be going –– I doubt if I will care very much anymore, and if Donald Trump fails to get reelected, –– God forbid! ––, might even wish for a speedy end to it all

    "Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

    ~ Patrick Henry (1736 -1799)

    1. I intend to fight (if necessary) to the end Franco.

    2. I felt that way too, Kid, when I was your age. Now that I'm getting mighty close to age EIGHTY I feel I have a right to feel a bit worn out.

      After seven decades of fgtng the good fight,it's only natural to feel maybe it's just time now t relax, let the chips fall where they may, and LET oneself quietly slip off the coil.

      I'm sure the sun will continie to rise in the east and set in the west and the tides will continue to ebb and flow without any help rom me.


      Oh I don't like the SHIT any more than you, believe me, Kid, but there comes a time when you reach a certain age that you realize you have NO CHOICE but to ACCEPT the things you KNOW you cannot change.

    3. I hear ya Franco. Revolution? What are people going to be shooting at?