Saturday, October 27, 2018

So, Here is What is Going On With the Violence

Our American cultural system requires participation by the vast majority.

The way to achieve this is through Sensible Immigration and Cohesive Family upbringing.  We no longer have either to any acceptable level.

We have large numbers of people who have not been brought up properly because of absent parenting or single parenting.

We have sufficient numbers of people from other cultures that do not jive with American culture here already that even if we closed the borders today, there are enough critters here right now that are little more than ticking time bombs to perpetrate mass violence on anyone or anything.  Probably on welfare.  Wild hysterical laughter...

We bring in moslems who's stated goal is either your death or enslavement via sharia law.  The peaceful vermin are breeding you out as birth rates in western culture countries fall off a cliff. As soon as they reach political majority, you're done.

Visa lottery.  We bring in God Knows Who, who then imports their entire village of 'relatives' through Chain Migration while Mitch McChuckles tells us he is doing a great job getting Trump's judges confirmed.

This is not going away.  This cannot be fixed in your lifetime or the lifetimes of your descendants.  This IS the new normal, brought to you by feckless democrats who decided to import all manner of vermin as a voter base and republicans who did not oppose the action for decades.

Tell the people who say 'their family were immigrants' that sure, but they came through Ellis Island, got vetted and a health check.  They didn't fly from Syria, Iraq, Iran, or some other hellhole straight to Minnesota to set up sharia camp.

Take appropriate defensive measures.  If you don't want to deal with guns, at least have pepper spray, bear spray, or similar.  Know who is around you.  Any suspicion should have your hand in you pocket on your pepper spray with a finger on the button and an escape plan.  Especially if you're alone or in a large stationary group of people.

In related news:

U.N. admits the Paris climate accord was a fraud

The 2nd amendment gives citizens the right to form a militia and go defend the border !

It is now ILLEGAL to insult islam in Europe.  Yea, the moderate moslems are no problemo...

Imagine that.


  1. See the latest Imprimis on the Cold Civil War.
    "Political scientists sometimes distinguish between normal politics and regime politics. Normal politics takes place within a political and constitutional order and concerns means, not ends. In other words, the ends or principles are agreed upon; debate is simply over means. By contrast, regime politics is about who rules and for what ends or principles. It questions the nature of the political system itself. Who has rights? Who gets to vote? What do we honor or revere together as a people? I fear America may be leaving the world of normal politics and entering the dangerous world of regime politics—a politics in which our political loyalties diverge more and more, as they did in the 1850s, between two contrary visions of the country."....

    1. Ed, Thank you. Fits right in. And "may be leaving" ? No - Already Left - though many do not realize it. The republican party does not oppose the evil democrats to any measure that serves America. In my opinion, the republicans are still sitting idly by while America is raped and pillaged by all those things we know about that damage us. Globalization, immigration, education, unbelievably militant media (Putin said these people would have all be killed in Russia and I don't have a problem with it happening here). Enemies foreign and domestic.
      While Tracy twirls her hair and wonders what lipstick shade might be best for tonight.

  2. I get the weirdest feeling it's MORE illegal to insult a muslim than kill a Jew. Sickening.
    Great post...I wish it wasn't SO TRUE :-(

  3. My agreement with Ed is complete except on one point: we already have entered regime politics.


  4. My grandparents came through Ellis Island and only became citizens after much study and taking of tests. Now we let any ragtag POS in who have no love of our country and no desire to be Americans as my grandparents did. It will not end well.

    1. Agree of course Adrienne. If we chart American society from say 1950, the line starts at the top left and makes a direct path for the bottom right.

  5. Worse, we know they have no love for our country as they are observed waving their "homeland" flag defiantly. They would turn us into the very cesspools they chose to leave. Go figure... Great screed Kid.

    1. Thank You Bunk. Yea, they come to America and then try to turn it into Honduras. Every Time.

    2. How interesting that not even a Honduran wants to live in Mexico. Never saw that coming ... :-)

    3. They don't have as much free stuff Mustang ! On the bright side, if they refuse asylum in Mejico, even our totally dysfunctional immigration laws can be used to refuse them asylum here ! Yeehaw.

  6. Violence is as American as cherry pie."

    ~ H. Rap Brown, blacktvist from the Sick-sties