Monday, October 29, 2018

Facts About the Galaxy We Live In

I found it interesting.


    It IS interesting....I linked the above because I thought that the Milky Way was "out there" and didn't know it is the solar system WE are part of, frankly! I still don't know how they can know about this because if earth is IN the Milky Way, who can look AT the Milky Way, how can one measure it, etc? You can't get away from it to observe size, etc. Oh, well, maybe I still don't get it!!! ??

    1. Z, For Your Consideration.

      Personally, I've always wondered how our galaxy got its name and that was one of the more interesting things about this.

  2. I have some insight to share, and perhaps, a few questions:

    The name is ancient: Yes, I think so. It was once called albumi mooka. I remember this from the first grade.

    How many stars? Really, Kid? Really? I don’t even know how much money is my banking account.

    The weight of the galaxy? I’m not sure many people care about this, but I’m guessing not as much as Rosie O’Donnell.

    The big empty spot ... very sad. This really does speak to our fractured galactic society. I think the milky way needs a hug.

    Photographing black holes is a very raciss thing to say. I’m surprised you posted this, Kid. Do you really expect to win the Martin Luther King, Jr., Annual Al Sharpton Award?

    Yes, small galaxies crashing into the milky way is a problem, but they do get better gas mileage.

    The milky way is full of toxic grease, but then so is McDonalds. What’s your point?

    Crashing galaxies ... (that’s two of these, by the way): Not to worry, I’ve already alerted Liberty Mutual.

    Neighboring stars are racing toward our galaxy: Good neighbors don’t race in the neighborhood. I’m very disappointed to hear this. This is clearly Trump’s fault.

    Mysterious bubbles are arising out the milky way. Who knew the galaxy had gas? Well, on second thought, it does make sense. This proves that Democrats can give even something as large as the galaxy intestinal discomfort.

    Bombarding energy pulses ... Um ... could you please return my tin foil hat? Please?

    Thanking you in advance, I remain,


    1. Mustang I will try to address each of your concerns.......

      That the name comes from the existence of a milk filled Breast is of no surprise. It is why men are obsessed with breasts. It also begs for a final conclusion that bras are of no practical use. The Galaxy has no bra. This seems obvious.

      How many stars... Billions and Billions. Only Carl Sagan knows how many exactly.

      I agree that rosie o'donnell and mikey moore would love to know that there is something heavier in the universe than they.

      Well, you really can't photograph a black hole. No light escapes a black hole to photograph. There are some places you can photograph black holes, but lets leave this for another time. Like Never.

      Crashing galaxies have caused us all to spend more on car insurance, and like you, I'm pissed about it.

      Toxic grease is actually good for you. As long as special sauce, lettuce, pickle and a sesame seed bun are part of the mix.

      I have Liberty Mutual ! For this very reason ! They won't send my a rebate check for being accident free however because I'm a guy and they saw no reason to charge me extra in advance, then send some back and make it seem like it was because I drove well for 6 months.

      These neighboring stars will be met at the border with a James Mattis military force unsurpassed in human history. Not to worry.

      Bubbles (no not that girl at the strip club) and energy pulses are Fake News ! I'm surprised you didn't pick up on this my Mentor.

  3. It's a lot more than "interestng," kid. It's awe-inspiring, humbling, and franklt, it's more than a little EERIE.

    This leapt out as me, as I read each of the twelve segments:

    "When Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailed through the Southern Hemisphere in the 16th century, he and his crew were among the first Europeans to report on circular clusters of stars in the night sky, according to the European Southern Observatory. These clusters are actually small galaxies that orbit our Milky Way like planets around a star, and they have been named the Small and Large Magellanic clouds. Many such dwarf galaxies orbit ours — and sometimes they get eaten by our massive Milky Way. Earlier this year, astronomers used new data from the Gaia satellite that showed millions of stars in our galaxy moving in similar narrow, "needle-like" orbits, suggesting they all originated from an earlier dwarf galaxy dubbed "the Gaia Sausage," as Live Science reported at the time."

    The old Negro Spiritual EZEKIEL SAW the WHEEL WAY UP in the MIDDLE of the AIR is based on a biblical text. Often the very idea it was dismissed as "poppycock" or the ravng of a deluded madman, etc, but THIS scientific discovery lends credence to the idea that Ezekiel really DID what looked to him like a "WHEEL" way up in the middle of the air.

    Wouldn't it be THE greatest irony of all time, if "SCIENCE," eventually winds up PROVING that the ancient biblical texts are TRUE?

    1. Franco, It is all beyond conversation but anyhoo............

      Way back then without light pollution people could SEE the Heavens and the sky was one of their main subjects of interest as opposed to some piece of shit politician who says "sdjlgfnsdgj asofnsdgnfsdjgn solgsdognsdgjns" and folks try to make sense of it.

      Regardless... There are some bona-fide websites that explore the nature of the super bright star that guided the three kings to Jesus' manger so they could offer their gifts.
      One theory places a super nova at the tight moment in time but there are also other theories.

      There is science behind biblical tales imo.

      One of mine for example is to examine the deepest trenches of the oceans and imagine those as lines on the surface of an eggshell that cracked and the weight of the Earths mantle caused the water underneath to be expelled out at a rate that it caused it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights, leaving behind the oceans we have today.

      As an example.

    2. Something like that, Kid.

      As you say, "It's beyond conversation."

      But that doesn't stop me from trying to explain i to myself, and occasionally try to write about it.

      Star of wonder, star of night
      Star of Royal Beauty bright bright
      Westward leading
      Still proceeding
      Guide us to Thy perfect Light.