Monday, October 15, 2018

Lets Keep Going With the Funny

Funny Former Marines.

He does this Ad-Lib.  Believe me. Believe me.  This I will tell you.


  1. A tremendously funny man. Quick in his mind, as shown in this video and IMO, funnier than Robin Williams and without profanity. Thanks for posting this. I miss this kind of humor.


  2. Wasn't ever a huge fan of his, but I think he has a style not unlike mind. I honestly miss Johnny Carson's reactions, which I think crowds laughed at almost equally to the comedian.

    1. Z, Agree on Johnny's reactions. Williams idolized Winters if ya didn't know.

  3. I wasn't a big fan back in the day, but Winters sure looks good to me now.

    I did get a kick out of Maudie Frickert. };^)>

    NEVER heard hm refferred to as "Johnny Winters" before. It was always JONATHAN.

    He sure had great VOICE. Carson did too. People spoke with better resonance, and more cultivated tone then. They sounded a lot more mature and had much better diction back then.

    Too many women today sound like whiny tittle second graders, and too many men sound like gangsers or teenaged thugs or limp-wristed sissies today.

    We USED to take CLASSES in high zschooll on Voice and Diction. People who wanted to get ahead then worked hard to imprpve their speech, shed their regional accents, and lean up sloppy diction.

    Anyway, Jonathan Winters besides being funny was a VERY impressive figure.

    Thanks for the good entertainment, Kid. It says a lot about who we WERE and who we ARE today.

    1. We used to aspire for GREATNESS and GOODNESS......good jobs, more money, SUCCESS. Now are kids are considered snobs and too-White if they even try...And Black kids are Uncle Toms if they do well. We are ONE SICK PUPPY.
      Imagine what comedians like Winters and Johnny Carson could do with THIS? If THEY were around, I swear I think they'd put an END TO THIS C*AP!
      Imagine patriot John Wayne putting up with THIS STUFF TODAY!????????????? We'd have FIGHTERS, not politicians getting rich on just 'getting along'.

    2. Franco, Not a Maude fan. Hmmm, I never had any voice or diction training. I guess they thought I was perfect and just skipped it. I sure like winters when he's on a roll though and it all has to be drawn from life experience too which gives me some idea of his wealth of same.

    3. Z, I heard in a casual video of John Wayne on his yacht talking about the hyphenated Americans. He was saying that the black had a rough go of it but those days are over and their best course of action is to get over it, get to work and make good lives for themselves. They have a lot more opportunity here than they would if born in Africa. I agree. This has gone on too long.

    4. Kid, no doubt you ARE perfect, but you are ALSO a lot younger than I. EIGHTY is beginning to loom on the not too distant horizon for me! YIKES!

      I don't believe being older makes me better but it does mean that I was raised with a radically different set of standards from anyone eight or more years my junior. The SICK-sties changed everything for the worse in a twinkling of an eye.

    5. Life has been good to me, personally, but the COUNTRY keeps plumbing new depths of degradation every day.

      SO, I stick to the principles I learned as a child, and to the worldview that developed from life with my family, our church, and the wonderful schools I was privileged to attend.

    6. No fun gettin old Franco. Yes, we are not in an upward trajectory.

  4. Now that was a hoot... and worth the time of a late nighter....thanks for the giggles.

    1. He's got some good stuff Bunk. Putting out another one shortly.

  5. I was happy to Learn that Winters lIved to be EIGH:TY-SEVEN.

    Nev3r ne hwhat hapPened to him till I checked WIKI.

    Since I have grown a bit "rotund," myself in latter years, and all the "authorities"
    keep preaching SLIMNESS as the the best way to stay healthy, It's comfrtig
    to learn that being "rotund," does NOT neessarily mean one s apt to die young.

    Besides, I am but exactly like my grandpa on mother's side and HE lived to be
    NINEtY and never had a sick day in his life. He smoked a pipe too, and the
    occasional; cigar, AND he drank wine ever day, but never to excess.

    A lot of the stuff "the experts" want us to believe is BUNK.

    When your number's up, your number's up. PERIOD!

    I think our ealth an longevity are determined more
    by GENETICS than anything else.

    1. Franco, Exactly. Briefly - I see people who are 400 lbs, smoke and drink and are perfectly healthy, and others at 120 and look like death warmed over. There is NO recipe for a healthful life. It is all in your DNA. It is time the health care industry started concentrating on Individual solutions to various health problems rather than the one size fits all approach they're stuck on.